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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Haunted Skies ~The Books

I have been investigating and researching  UFOs, amongst other things, since I was a teenager and got involved with UFO groups in 1974.  I have, therefore a LOT of publications and books from the late 1940s onward.

I own a complete set of the original Haunted Skies ~all 11 volumes and I can tell you without any bias that they are the best books looking at UFOs and UFO history I have ever seen.  The photographs and research, not to mention the interviews carried out by the authors, make these books a must for anyone seriously interested in the subject. If you can find copies.

I have not seen these volumes, however, I have been privvy to glimpses and I do know that now that Hanson and Holloway are in overall charge these are going to be even better.

As soon as ordering details are available I'll post them

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