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Monday, 17 July 2017

Re~introduce Lynx To UK?


Yes, the man UK reporters dubbed "The Big Cat detective" (seriously) ~me~ has had phone calls asking for my opinion on re~introducing lynx to the UK?

There are millions of wild rabbits, rats, mice, etc., not to mention millions of deer from various species in the UK.  Ample food.  Leave the cats alone and they will create a balance that is really needed in UK fauna and flora.

Healthy cats do not attack people ~especially the lynx.

And, after 40 years or so years (1977~2010 as a UK police forces exotic wildlife advisor) which has included historical document research, I can tell you that lynx have been living and even breeding in the wild in the UK on and off since at least the 1800s (1800 was the historical cut off point for record research).  There are plaster casts of paw~prints, hair samples, DNA and many eye witness accounts and these accounts come from people who think they are reporting a puma ~tell them it was a lynx and you get blank looks and "a what??"

Farmers are covered by insurance if a dog kills sheep or lambs and if lynx are re~introduced then there has to be an official killed livestock compensation scheme for the rare cases where a lynx might kill something.  But it needs to be provable that a lynx was involved.

The lynx also require full legal protection.

Lets see how this goes.

And the lynx is not a big cat!

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