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Thursday, 31 August 2017

And then comes the bitter blow

I have just come back from having a meeting and a very long chat about this blog.  There have been, since this blog was set up in 2012, some 294, 745 views.  Its popularity has increased ~August saw some 34,463 views alone.  Looking at other sites that take feeds and posts from this blog the total views hit 1 million.

However, for me the blog has been a resounding failure.

It was set up to get into contact with like minded individuals who were not attracted to the lies and sensationalism of other blogs.  To discuss reports and maybe find new sources of information. It was also designed to promote my books ~non sensationalist, fully referenced and factual. There were even photographs once thought lost that I found through actual research, yes, by going through dusty old archives and financially spending perhaps too much to get to the bottom of events/cases. Some took 30, 35 and even over 40 years before I could close the book on them.


Sales.............One book

The Truth About Spring-Heeled JackThe Red Paper:CANINES vol.1Some Things Strange & SinisterSome More Things Strange & SinisterPursuing The Strange & Weird:A Naturalists Viewpoint

I was told today that the public do not want anything that is non~sensationalist.  They want everything they see on Trash TV  in a book and "If they are dumb enough they'll believe it all" I was then told honesty, integrity and accuracy "does not pay the bills".  I had to be told that?

The blog takes time.  Occasionally I can put a post together on the spot but you are still looking at a couple hours work.  Longer posts can take several hours of writing, editing and finding images to go with them.

The books were my sole (supposed) income.  I'm bankrupt.

Hey, you cannot drag a horse to water and you certainly cannot drag people to buy a book. Or give your post a Google Plus or even a comment like "enjoyed that".

Six years work here and that was time I could have spent doing what I like: investigation and research.

I give up.  I shrugged and said "Okay.  No one can be bothered.  I'm broke!" and just shake my head that out and out hoaxers are raking in the cash.

So rather than compromise and go over to the dark side I decided calling it a day was best.  I did have some book reviews planned but those have been archived.  Why promote books other people have written so they sell copies while I sit here counting pennies.

I enjoyed blogging.  But it doesn't pay the bills. Maybe I'll find a crock of gold at the end of the rainbow I can see.  The bitter blow was the line "People don't care. They jump in, read what they want then it's screw you and they are gone!"

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