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Monday, 20 November 2017


I began working on this one a while ago and below is the preliminary cover (or the actual cover if I cannot persuade a certain Mr. Dilworth to come up with something.

There will be up-dated chapters that look at cases dealt with before in the previous books but solutions will be offered based on quite a few years intense research.

Newer material will look at a mystery British wolf, the British Bigfoot subject as well as the Hull Werewolf. If anyone has anything to add to this or photographic evidence then I am quite willing to look at it and offer an unbiased opinion.  If you are genuine and can offer any evidence or even sighting reports get in touch

If you believe that you have seen and/or photographed anything unusual then, obviously, get in touch. I am quite interested in finding out whether people are still seeing unusual lake or -particularly- sea "monsters" -have they really died out?

I know that I have asked repeatedly since this blog "officially" started in 2011 and the lack of any response never fails to impress!  Look at how many people have viewed the AOP blog (or Face Book page) and today is typical:

United States           1020
Ukraine                    78
United Kingdom       35
France                      18
China                        9
India                         9
Spain                        8
Netherlands              8
Germany                   6
Brazil                       4

There must be sightings or incidents that you are aware of that you can send me a link to or information on?  I would like to spend more time posting here but there is only so much one man can do alone. You see or hear anything let me know!

This new book should be out around May, 2018 and I'll up-date as I go along.


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