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Monday, 20 November 2017

Strange Aliens in Jardinopolis, Brazil (2008)

Location. Jardinopolis, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Date: December 27 2008
Time: 2100

Two local youngsters, Denilson and Rafael were playing in the Sebastian’s Chapel Square when they were surprised to see bright lights moving overhead heading towards a field close to the square. The lights seemed to be rotating around an ellipse form, and were red and blue in color; they suddenly descended and disappeared from sight.

Feeling somewhat frightened the two friends ran to a nearby house where they told their two other friends, Carlos and Cristiano. The boys knew that it hadn’t been an airplane since there wasn’t any noise and the lights seemed to have performed a vertical descent into the field. The now four witnesses approached the field and could now see the lights on the grounds alternating colors from red to blue.

Three of the boys were afraid to approach the field by Cristiano drove his scooter closer and illuminated the area with its headlights, as he did this, Carlos, Denilson and Rafael followed closely behind him. The boys could now see that the lights were suspended in mid-air in a diagonal position and under the lights they could see three or more “crouching” creatures on the field. The creatures were crouching in a horseshoe or U-formation and appear to be “communicating” with each other.

The boys were extremely frightened, since they had never seen anything like that before. The boys were convinced that the creatures were not animals, since their behavior was totally different from that of typical farm animals that abounded in the area. The boys explained that the creatures were well-defined but when they changed their viewing angle they were able to see four and up to five creatures, giving some the creatures the appearance of being “invisible” and only becoming visible when the struck by the light rain that was falling at the time.

When Cristiano shone his scooter headlight directly on the creatures they disappeared. They could only see the creatures when it was dark. In the darkness they still see the contours of their bodies. The boys estimated the creatures to have been about 1.20 meters in height, with large black oval-shaped eyes, lacking noses or ears, they had a round mouth and their color was dark gray. They had hands with fingers but were unable to count how many fingers on each hand. All four youths gave identical description of the creatures.

They observed the creatures for approximately forty minutes and during the time the boys noticed that the creatures appeared to be communicating among themselves. Suddenly they saw a red “laser point” on Carlos’s shirt, Rafael pointed it out to Carlos who became afraid, and he immediately lifted his arms in a way to demonstrate that he was no threat to them and that he was unarmed. At this point the witnesses could see a red beam of light that appeared to be emanating from a cylindrical shaped object on the field, there also appeared to smoke coming from the tip of the object.

Terrified the four witnesses began leaving the area slowly concerned for their safety. The youths estimated that they had stood about 10 meters from the creatures. They arrived home afraid and nervous. Three days later the witnesses visited the site and found that the brush in the area had turned brown in color.

Source: Milton Dino Frank Junior, Presidente do Centro de Ufologia Brasileiro

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