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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

It Is NOT Patronising To Advise People To Be Careful

I wrote the following on the Ghost Club's page. I have just watched several videos in which a woman on two occasions with her friend- went into isolated forests, derelict graveyards and old buildings that were partially demolished. They had t-shirts and jeans and in one video light jackets. At one point stones were thrown at them and they thought "something" was watching them from bushes.

I have advised for years that both men and women should not go out at night alone to these places.

One woman, her father was a policeman but WHEN she doesn't say, said that this was ridiculous and the UK was a "very safe" country. Apparently there is nothing legal you can carry to protect yourself in the UK (rape alarms? hairspray or anything else since it is NOT intent to use and arm others and police speaking to womens groups advise using car or house keys or anything to defend themselves (and get DNA evidence).

To prove a point I gave a link to UK statistics for 2017 re. rape cases (rape cases are NOT exclusively females as victims) and on the increase in assaults, etc.

Another woman then wrote "This is all very patronising" but never said WHAT was patronising.

You read this and tell me:

Can I offer some advice? I've been chasing after the strange and weird 40+ years and I never ever went into derelict buildings or isolated areas without someone being told WHERE I was going and even taking "something" for personal protection.
If you go out into old and isolated graveyards, woodlands or semi derelict buildings whether old churches -whatever- be VERY cautious.
I'm not in the position where anyone in or around Bristol is available to go with me. However I take precautions and would never advise anyone to wander around in the dark unless with someone else -including men.
I notice women going out to such places by themselves or with a female friend and, sad though it is, women are at greater risk than most men. Years ago women going out doing night work used to carry cans of hairspray containing ammonia so that anyone tried anything they could fight back.
Last year, in the Essex area (these were confidential conversations so no names -some of the people involved may be on this group) two women out in woods found themselves confronted by a group of men asking whether they were "out for sex" -one of the women looked back the way they had come and shouted out "Reg! Don -come here quick!" and the men ran off.
In Staffordshire -Cannock Chase- two other women were confronted by up to 15 men -some exposing themselves- and asking for sex. This is getting to be a problem as a lot of secluded areas are becoming "dogging" sights. This includes old buildings.
I know of men who have also been confronted by homeless drunks and drug addicts. There are also a LOT of people with mental health issues living rough in woodland and old buildings.
PLEASE if you are going out to any place on a ghost hunt at night have a group of at the very least four and carry something (legal) you can protect yourselves with.
Be aware that some homeless people will throw stones or other items from bushes, follow you and even leave "territory" -signs such as branches bent over or looped together identify an individual's area so others do not intrude. "How am I supposed to know that?" is not an option as that makes it seem the person seeing it as their territory really cares what you think.
It does worry me seeing solo or duos out at night in isolated areas and when saying things on videos like "This isn't the place we were going to originally" it means NO ONE knows where they are.
Please be very careful.

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