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Sunday, 8 July 2018

My Encounters With...The Men In Black!

I have never believed in the Men In Black who silence UFO witnesses and researchers. I do believe that, in the United States, some government agencies have been mistaken for MIB or were involved in sending out people to suppress information about experimental aircraft and so on that were observed.

In the late 1970s, circa 1979(?), I lived with my grandparents in Easton, Bristol. Nice people but it could get rough.  One dark, winter evening at around 21:00 hrs there was a slow knock on the front door (there were two doors in those old houses -one a light front door for day time use and the heavier outer door for night time).  There was something odd about the knock and I stopped my grandfather answering the door because he would not be able to deal with any young thugs.  He went into the kitchen to put the kettle on.

I opened the outer door to be confronted by two male figures in black motorcycle gear and the smoked helmet visors down. My hand was a few inches from a club I kept "just in case".  Neither spoke so I went first: "You knocked -what can I do for you -speak or the door closes".

Both moved forward as one and MIB 1 spoke: "You will cease all of your UFO research and destroy all your papers"  Now, I will have to censor my response which was: "What are you two ****-**** going to do if I don't?"  There was a slight movement as they seemed taken aback. MIB 2 then spoke: "If you do not there will be dire consequences for you and your family!"

That was a line they should not have crossed.

MIB 1 started to speak and raised his arm slightly.  As far as I was concerned two helmeted thugs had just threatened me and my family on the doorstep. No need for the club as both were quickly pacified. As I took the wallets from the jackets of the two men sprawled on the floor I pushed up their visors.  According to my grandfather he looked around the corner and saw me standing on the two men.  I recall he asked whether I wanted a cup of tea and went back into the kitchen. My gran...she saw the scene rolled her eyes and went back into the living room.

The two threatening MIB were from a Yorkshire based UFO group and after a little persuasion told me who had put them up to this charade (a well known British Ufologist who some people have been told the name of but I like to keep things low key). I got my polaroid camera (no mobile/phone cams back then)  and photographed the IDs and men and then kicked them out the front gate.

The same trick was tried on me later when I lived in Warmley outside Bristol: three men in black suits and ties, white shirts and sunglasses.  It was dark out but summer so my living room window next to the front door was open. The three MIB seemed shocked when they found themselves surrounded by four police officers -they had been talking with me about recent UFO sightings when my callers knocked.  Hearing the threats they went out the back door -one group to the left and the other the right.  There is an expression "Bricking it" (I prefer "messing their pants") which is what the MIB did. Or, rather, more Yorkshire (I think one was Staffordshire based) Ufologists did. After 30 minutes they were cautioned and on their way.

In the past, if I came across a report that I suspected might involve a military aircraft I simply asked "Should I lose that one?" or, on two occasions, I was contacted and told the UFO sightings I was looking into "were definitely NOT aliens!"  Cases dropped.

On one occasion in 1982 I was in a car with four other Ufologists when they panicked.  We were driving back from a quarry where UFOs had been seen by witnesses so were going down country roads. The driver noticed the black car with three men in it following us.  He took several diversions -the car was still following us. I told the driver to stop the car, despite their protestations I got out.  The other car pulled up and a window went down. A man with a very thick Birmingham accent asked if we were lost to?  They wanted the local market town but the high hedged fields meant that, in the dark, they could not see were they were.  They had seen us and thought we must be heading to a main road.

The other two occupants were his wife, with short cut hair and son son who was moaning non-stop about it being a dump. We got them back onto the main road safely.

On another late 1970s winter evening I was walking along Muller Road, with Eastville Park to our left -two other Ufologists were with me and they both thought the MIB threats -more hoaxing-rampant in the UK at that time were real. As we trudged along in the snow a car slowed down then picked up speed. It turned round further up the road and slowed as it passed us on the opposite side of the road. A few minutes later it was coming up behind us again. Car horns sounded as the car was slowing traffic down. Suddenly a dark object was thrown out from the rear of the car. It was round and clearly visible as it hit the ground a few feet in front of us. I hit the dirt -or, rather, snow. My two companions looked at me as though I had gone mental. They had not noticed the car passing three times and slowing down.  They had not seen the object thrown. It turned out to be a beer can.  They laughed and I pointed out that I doubted with their observational skills that they would see three MIB in front of them!

Slightly inebriated idiots having 'fun' while driving around.

UFOs reports have always been a good way to hide military testing or if something being tested crashes.  Trying to cover that type of thing up "the American way" just leads to mistrust and so much fantasy -Albert K. Bender of the International Flying Saucer Bureau probably had a breakdown when he encountered his 'MIB' but the British Flying Saucer Bureau (f.1952) quickly put its archives in a bank vault.  From then until the early 2000s they were "always waiting" for the MIB to turn up.

Ufologists and their pals arranging to have 'MIB' walk in to places where CCTV will conveniently film them, not to mention the sensationalist lies on trash TV from 'experts' does not help.

Ask why Science will not treat Ufology seriously.

By the way, did full UFO Disclosure destroy your life or cause people to panic?

Oh...that's right...Year 20+ and still the claims "It is happening this year....or next year.  Might be ten years from now. It's going to happen" Wake up.

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