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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Skinwalker Ranch. Just more Ufological Baloney

Let me state at the very outset that when I saw George Knapps presentation I sat up. Here were people taking a scientific approach and doing what I have always said needed doing: pick a locale, put in what cameras and scientific instruments you can and dig in.

I bought Knapps book and some other book on the Skinwalker Ranch.  I prepared to have my mind blown and got a note pad ready because I was going to ask specific questions about footage and events.

A family arrive on a ranch and a gigantic hyena like creature strolls up and they casually let the kids pet it before it goes on to try to grab a calf and the father shoots the hyena-like beast but no effect and it mopes off.

I re-read that again.

Then again.

My first thought was "bovine excrement". It rang so false...I mean, you have kids and some calf-sized hyena-like creature walks out of the wilderness and up to your car do you say "Hey, go pet it, kids!" No. You get your kids in the vehicle and lock the doors and assess what you are dealing with.

But I skipped this.

I waited for the exciting revellations -back-up for what Knapp talked about. The two scientists who saw the huge humanoid exit the light funnel....turns out only one saw this after he had gone off to "meditate".  So two scientists did NOT record anything on film while watching it -one did and it sounds like he was hysterical and not very cool-headed as you'd expect a scientist to be.  Just what was he "meditating" with?

Everything else that Knapp tells us and sounds almost impossible to explain falls to pieces.

It is worth emphasising that not one piece of real evidence, photograph or film footage has been released.

I think the man behind the money was being conned. Any good trickster can create a sulphurous or rotting egg smell.  Cattle vanishing? or cattle being sold on behind everyones back -or rustlers? Even the incidents with cattle were not photographed.

The more I read the more the word "gullible" cropped up.  The 'mystery' starts and ends with the former property owners who continued on working the ranch. It is so plain that even a police rookie would see it.

I would have LOVED for Skinwalker Ranch to be a genuine focal hot spot for phenomena.  I would have walked across the Atlantic to get there.

It turns out to be one more ufological flim-flam that has since been taken over by the fantasists and hoaxers and those out to make money.

A great pity.

And there's no refund on Knapp's book. :-(

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