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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The SOHA Project, Adam Davies and Portals

I am sure that anyone with an interest in Sasquatch have heard of the Southern Oregon Habituation Area (SOHA).

I will include a link here to statements by Adam Davies, who I have a lot of respect for, regarding what happened to him on a particular night. To be honest I thought that he was joking. When I sent a link to a friend who has no interest in Sasquatch I jokingly added "explain this!" to it. The reply I got was "holographs".

Now, looking at what Davies and his companion described I realised that, as there had been no actual physical contact between the witnesses and 'guardians', yes, what was reported could be achieved by a man made  light show.  But then I thought "That would cost a LOT of cash" so I followed links my friend sent. It was nowhere as expensive as I thought.  And if the expected remuneration from such a hoax seemed high enough....

Here Adam Davies and John Carlson discuss what happened the day after but seem far more intimidated in stance or, perhaps, not intimidated as much as being careful to report what they saw exactly-did they suspect something?  Certainly, their accounts and what Johnson claims vary a lot.

And here on Binnall of America:

You then get this -read the comments with this as it all starts sounding like low level tech hoaxing. "Matthew Johnson's account of what happened and his descriptions of events is vastly different than those of Adam Davies and John Carlson."
Now it seems Johnson expects anyone visiting the area to pay hommage to him. This is a rather greasy video and watching this finally convinced me that this SOHA project is not legitimate.  In forty years I have met many people with odd claims.  Con-man? Deluded but genuine? I know which one I'm going for.  The attitude and body language is clear.

Let's see the "mind blowing" evidence to be presented next April. Personally, I don't care. I think this is a big hoax and people should just back away quickly.  Of course, Johnson has that cult following that will never believe anything negative.

You will see this following in the You Tube comments sections as well as online.  But you also get totally out-of-hand abuse and name calling on what you might think were respectable sites. Read the next bit then check the site's comments.

People still wonder why I work alone?

In January 2016 Bigfoot Evidence posted this:

Debate Rages On Between Warring Bigfoot Factions

image via bigfootlunchclub,com

The following is a guest post from bigfoot blogger Daniel Dover:

Drama in the bigfoot world went bump in the paranormal night when the Bluff Creek Project outed and video taped the location of Dr. Matthew Johnson’s SOHA site where mystical sasquatches inhabit and inter-dimensional portals open and close. Dr. J, as he calls himself, fired a volley back with his own video, calling Streufert an a-hole over and over, even after expressing some piety, saying, “I forgive you.” So, reminiscent of times of old when parties selected their weapons of choice, e.g. dueling pistols, they’ve opted to duel with opposing videos.

It was late December 2015 when the Bluff Creek Project produced a video outing the location of Dr. Johnson’s habituation site called SOHA (Southern Oregon Habituation Area). The Bluff Creek Project subsequently took down the video but here is the write-up they made accompanying the youtube video.

“So for a while now we have been looking for Dr J’s Southern Oregon Habituation Area so we could visit it and debunk his supernatural claims. Last week Mitchell Wilson found a match on Google Earth with the blurry screenshot he posted a couple years ago. 
Steven Streufert and I visited the site on Monday and confirmed it. We were respectful and didn’t leave anything behind. It was late so we only hung out for a few minutes. At this time we won’t reveal the location but after going there we now know that this is probably the last place a Sasquatch would be. It’s right next to houses and is only a 20 minute leisurely 4×4 trip from the highway. We investigated Adam Davies portal as well and we are sure we have that figured out. There is a house 3/4 mile away with flood lights on it that point up the ridge. You can see it when you look low through the trees. 
We could have chosen to mess with Johnson or hoax him to embarrass him but we thought we should just announce it here. Steve will be constructing a blog on it soon. 
We do have intentions of doing a night investigation up there sometime but we will not be secretive about it or play any dirty tricks.”


In response Dr. Johnson produced a video to chastise Steve Streufert for his invasive trampling of the land of SOHA.

Here’s a transcript of some of what Dr. Johnson said on his New Year’s Day video. He is addressing Steve Streufert at the Bluff Creek Project with these remarks. (11:15 – 14:00)

“You found SOHA, yea, it’s good for you; it’s your’s. See what you don’t known is for the last couple of months of my being up there, the SOHA squatches have kinda been shutting down the area kinda giving me a message that its time to move on to the new location. You don’t know that but I’m telling you now. They weren’t taking the food, they pushed trees down over the road that I had to remove. I think that actually happened after the first time your scout went up there. That’s when I found the trees. . . .

So, anyway, I was getting this message, “Time to move on.” I’m moving on to a new location. Ha ha not going to tell you obviously. But to be honest I don’t know where it is yet either. But what I do know is I’ve been in the field for 15 years when the needle in the hay stack found me above the Oregon Caves 15-years-ago. And I’m confident of this one thing, in all 3 research areas, 4 if you count WAHA right here, I never found them, they found me. And I’m confident that moving on the squatches are going to lead me to my next research area. . . . I trust them. They will guide me and lead me to find the new area.”

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