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Monday, 7 September 2015

Correcting The Record...AGAIN!!

In 1974 there was an alleged UFO crash in the Berwyn Mountains of North Wales. It was nothing alien though a great deal has been made of it.  There is also confusion in some accounts with the 1979 incident that I was involved in and the helicopter I was in "had a bit of a prang" as the flier put it.

You can read about the 1974 event here:

Now, yes, as I wrote in Some Things Strange And Sinister, I do have fragments from an alleged "crashed UFO".  Graham Birdsall of UFO Magazine at one point tried everything to get pieces from me including, at one point before a solicitor became involved, threatening to reveal to the UFO community that I "was a British intelligence agent whose job it was to infiltrate UFO groups".  If he had asked nicely at the outset he might have gotten a fragment!

My big mistake was passing along a piece to Margaret Fry and including what I told her was "a completely false account by a hoaxer" but...oh boy.  Despite giving her the results of tests she told me she had the material tested and it "was unlike any material on Earth!"   I go into full detail in the book and the photos of metallic and other fragment are shown in photographs.

I wrote and urged and even spoke to Mrs Fry telling her the facts and asking her not even to mention my name if she decided to publish any of the things she was telling me.  "The truth must out!" she told me.  When her account was published it was all there and my name was included as I was silly enough not to realise that "They" had made sure my informant was discredited!

Then a man, Scott Felton (?) contacted me and re-stated all of Mrs Fry's claims and I made it very -very- clear that her account was wholly wrong and that I had nothing to do with it and nothing more to do with Ufologists on the subject.  Now, my letter to Mr Felton (and email) give my address as Bristol.  So, imagine my surprise when I read this:

" In the mid-90s, Margaret Fry received in the post, a sample of metal (see Appendix Three) from a man in South Wales called Terry Hooper.  He claimed he'd received samples from an airman who stated he'd been involved in clearing up the debris from the Berwyn UFO crash. He decided to pass these on to persons involved in the UFO scene. There is no proof that other samples existed, only the word of Terry Hooper supported the assertion.

That however was just the start. As will become apparent, the supplying of the metal sample to Margaret Fry was an attempt to seed disinformation into the UFO community. Whether Terry Hooper targeted Mrs Fry as he was part of the plot or whether he was not part of the plot and approached Mrs Fry randomly isn't clear as this guy refuses to cooperate. He certainly wouldn't cooperate with me when I approached him. He did claim that he didn't believe the metal had come from a UFO crash, but that could be just him attempting to look innocent."

As this idiot would know if he carried out even the most basic of research -Sach's UFO Encyclopaedia or any number of publications including Flying Saucer Review, BUFORA JOURNAL that I contributed to since becoming an active investigator in 1974, or if he had bothered reading the brief CV I sent him- he would find I have far greater credibility than someone who places Bristol in "South Wales" (?!!).

Also, I had known Margaret Fry from BUFORA as well as Contact (UK) and we corresponded up until the early 1990s until I took a rest.  Had he asked Margaret Fry about me?  BUFORA for whomn I did a lot of work?

No, he decided to make me part of some secret conspiracy and totally ignore everything I explained to him -including a pdf of the chapter from my book dealing with the case- because I would not send him fragments nor be interrogated by him on a subject I made very clear was a hoax and the only reason I supplied Margaret Fry with any fragment was because she asked me to in the hope of finding out if it was the same as another sample she had.

This is British Ufology at its best.  Totally ignore every fact you are given because it does not suit your narrow minded world view so blame an unknown man from South Wales who refuses to cooperate -and Felton knows full well who I am because I just checked the email I sent him and my cv is attached.

John Hanson of The Haunted Skies project has photos of the fragments and my account -I think I may have sent him a fragment, too.

Felton's entry is so defamatory that I think  that I think a solicitor needs to get involved.  Seriously, you try to defame me in print or online you better apologise.

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