Monday, 7 September 2015

UFOs and APEN...and MIBs, too!

I was asked whether I had any dealings with APEN -Aerial Phenomena Enquiry Network in the 1970s and 1980s?

You can read about APEN here:

Well, yes, I did. After a very disruptive series of incidents involving my group UFO International, the British Flying Saucer Bureau and failed and HIGHLY disruptive Members of the Affiliated UFO Groups it was obvious that someone close to me in Ufology was behind the problems -even recruiting others into the work.

One evening I called on a certain Ufologist but he was out and so his wife suggested that I wait in the room where we held our meetings.  I noticed letters on the table, just typed and dated naming me, UFO International and various other Ufologists and groups.  The note paper was headed "Aerial Phenomena Enquiry Network" -APEN.

When my 'colleague' turned up I confronted him but he was full of bluster: "No one is going to believe you -the black's been put on you!"  By "the black" he was referring to lies, rumours -negative propaganda.  It was one reason why I left UFO groups behind and the AOP Bureau was formed.

And arriving home that night I was told by my grandmother how my 'friend' had called in earlier and explained all the trouble I had been creating.  He was very smooth -he had "tried" to sort things out and help but he could do no more.  My grandfather confirmed this.  I phoned my 'colleague' and with my grandparents as witness (via speaker phone) confronted him and asked how he dared come to my home and do this.  He then launched into a tirade unaware that two other people were with me. He was exposed and even admitted he was a leading APEN member.

As this former colleague is now dead I will not name him.  As for his other pals from APEN -I could not care less.  These were twisted and malicious little people -today with the internet we call them "trolls" and "flamers".

So, yes, I did have dealings with APEN.

As for the two "Men In Black" who threatened me on my doorstep all I can write is that I wished I had a photograph of my grandfather's face when he came round the corner to see me standing over two prone men, going through their pockets and checking their IDs!  They were two UFO group morons who were pulling this silencing act on Ufologists and seemed rather shocked at my reaction and their coming into contact with terra firma!

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