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Monday, 7 September 2015

No. No. I NEVER Was So There!

Oh dear.  A friend just back from a trip around Europe tells me the hotel he stayed at in Austria(?) had some dvd for guests.  One was a UFO documentary "The UFO Truth" -he's sure he has seen this with three different titles over the last five years so it's anyone's guess since I can't find it online.

Apparently he laughed out loud when "this fella with bushy dark beard and hair was interviewed in the documentary -it was you! How old is this??"  But it gets worse as he added: "I see from this doc that you are the counterpart of a Soviet AF Intelligence colonel and interviewed USAF personnel at Bentwaters! You Secrets man!"

I have to say that I know the interview he is talking about. It was given to a freelance film company who led me to believe it was for an ARD (German TV) documentary.  It wasn't.  It seems to have been edited and resold several times and the company no longer exists.  They caused a major problem when the narrator stated:

"Terry Hooper is the United Kingdom's answer to Major-General Vasily Alexeyev of the Soviet Air Force, though Hooper denies (coyly) having any military rank"

Yes, I outright told them I had no military rank.  Because I had NO military rank.  Photographs taken by a former colleague of me outside RAF radar stations in the late 1970s were shown to me and I explained them away as what they were. 

It is very likely that this outrageous claim about me led to the arrest of my contact network in the then USSR and I have never heard from one of them since nor been able to track them down.  A similar situation occurred at the start of the Malvinas-Falklands War when my contacts in Argentina were arrested by military police.  Only one got in touch a year later to explain that he was held and treated "roughly" because he was sending information to "an enemy intelligence officer" (me).

I mention in my last book how I was stopped from leading a team to look into reports of Ucu (a sort of South American Sasquatch) as part of the trip would be in Argentina and I was told I would be arrested.

This is why I always insist that I see any recorded interview before broadcast or get a written legal agreement about content.

So if you see that documentary -under any title- ignore what it claims about me.

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