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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Quick Appeal

Now I am fully aware that in this "electronic age" it is the done thing to just read through a blog and go. Never leave a comment on a post or even a "I enjoy the sea creature/Sasquatch items".  Why get involved?


Next blog.

Well, for some bloggers the whole point is to get feed-back of some kind.  The AOP blog has had 49.440 views.  Not incredible but that is still 49,440 views.  Now, had I just kept all the information or news posted in my head I would have cut out all the photo selecting, writing, editing and use of a lot of my time that I could have used to put a new book together.

I had hoped that the blog might result in people (if not commenting on the blog itself then via the email given in Profile) offering their own accounts of UFOs, ghosts -whatever.  It's what keeps my mind ticking over.  There is an international audience for this blog and even the most basic requests such as links to any known German UFO, paranormal or phenomena groups result in....nothing.

At the moment I am closing a few of my blogs on other matters and I am seriously considering closing this one down, tentatively, in early 2016.  After all, I am getting nothing out of this but stiff fingers.  But I would like to hear from people who visit the blog.

Local accounts of UFO sightings from newspapers -scan and send to me with paper/magazine title and date.  News of lake or sea creature sightings -or Sasquatch, same thing.  If I can at least get some feed-back on a regular basis it helps.  Otherwise, when I get to work on the next book in early 2016 this blog will just be left as another faded ghost on the internet.

Thank You!

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