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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Another Perfect Example Of WHY You Should Always Double-Check,204,203,200_.jpgThere was a case in Rogerson's IntCat from 1977 and as I could not find details anywhere else I decided to purchase the source cited by Rogerson -Portraits Of Alien Encounters by Nigel Watson.

The book arrived.  I checked the index. No location or source as in IntCat.  I read the book.  Then re-read it -it is quite a good book and gives a lot of background to some cases that were only mentioned in brief in FSR or BUFORA Journal.  So if you can get a copy (published in 1990) I'd recommend it for some fascinating case studies.

However, even on second reading I couldn't find the report.  Even Nigel thought it was in the book.  So I contacted him again and he checked but could not find it -so he's checking on an article he wrote that might mention the case.

But this is a perfect example of what I wrote about yesterday: you check the original source. In this case, again, the IntCat cited original source...was not.  Now if you are putting together a slap-dash potpourri then you can expect this.  However, if you are pronouncing on the short-comings of investigators and researchers and cases then you need to make sure that if you are creating a data base those criticisms do not come back to bite your armchaired arse.

Yet, several Ufologists suggested that this was a "great" or "worthwhile" catalogue and reliable. And they cite the catalogue -online and in print.

I just hope the more expensive books do contain the reports claimed!

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