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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

What Does A Stat Say....don't worry -it's not a joke!

I like to check out the stats for the blog every-so-often as it helps to see if I'm posting to myself!

On average there are usually about 270-300 views a day.  On certain days, however, it can be low -yesterday there were 196 views but that is STILL 196 views.  The blog originally got 5-8 views per day and last month's total of 8, 307 isn't bad -considering it's rare I hear from anyone about postings!

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month           
Pageviews all time history

65, 400 as total views isn't bad either.  In 2011 the blog was just set up to promote the books (yeah, shows that never helped sales!) and there were 42 posts if I remember rightly.  What am I talking about? Just check the home page:

2011 (40)       2012 (48)       2013 (41)     2014 (71) 
Not bad. But this year there have already been 248 posts.

I don't care that much about blog stats because they don't mean that much to me but it does show that there are a lot of visitors to the blog and if only 2% forwarded sighting reports ...well, wow.

But I'll trundle along but THANKS for stopping by to check things out!

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