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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Yes, It Is The "Public Appeal" Time!

The photo of the wallaby bounding across a road in the countryside outside the village of Winmarleigh near Garstang, Lancs
 A wallaby photographed in Lancashire.

I know I make these appeals now and then and I never ever get any responses but if I am one thing it is thick persistent.

If you live within the City and County of Bristol, I would very much like to hear from you if you have seen a UFO. If you have video footage of a UFO.  If you believe you live in a haunted house then, again, please get in touch.  Strange creature, big cat -let me know.

And if you live in the United Kingdom the same thing applies.  I would very much like to hear from witnesses to any of the above and, please, be assured, after a few decades I have heard and seen a lot and I do not laugh at people no matter how odd an event might seem (even to them).

I ought to also point out that I am, as an historian, also interested in hearing of strange or weird events and sightings family members may have had in the past and spoke about -and if there are any photos....!

So, please, if you can help contact me at the usual email rather than public Comments on the blog.

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