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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Let's Talk About Stats, Posts And Other Stuff!

I had wondered what might be the most viewed item on this blog?

Basically, checking other things I wanted to compare.  After all, I believe all sales of the books have been from outside the UK.

So, do you want to know the top All Time posts?  Here you go:

Please, if you haven't realised how fake Ghost Adventures and the other programmes on TV are now my little post (24, 916 views??) is not going to convince you.  Again, I need to point out that there are very few serious paranormal investigators out there -it's more like a pop culture thing and how many who get EVPs and "ghost footage" actually submit these for scientific analysis? IF GA had really genuine 'proof' as they claim then I'd expect them to be submitting that to science to study rather than ask Dudley Dumbuttons to make his oscilloscope wiggle about and say "unexplained -did you see the wiggle?"

 And I was surprised to find in the stats that there are a LOT of views from people in the UK so no language barriers involved that are stopping comments on posts.

 Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom

No one in the UK wants to buy my books....I'm just hoping the "cryptozoologists"/"Ufologists" and other "Fakeologists" got the material they  needed!

Something also hit me with these numbers. I was reading the Views counter as reading just under 10,000 and never realised the total blog views stood at 95,988.  Which looks great but it hits home more how few books have been purchased -you might think better sales with that number of visitors but it gets worse because those figures are for people coming here directly. Visitors from social media and other links actually treble that figure but I'm not that concerned since dyscalculia means it's just a jumble of numbers.

But 1% sales from these figures -would be incredible.

I ought to point out that to date most every country with internet access has appeared as a viewing source.  Any TV executives out there -I'm here!

Sadly, I do not think that the organisations involved in looking into the seal deaths have even spoken to each other.  I sent emails to each in which I introduced those from the organisations in question and a year-and-a-half later....nothing.

People ask why I bother with seals, whales, canids when there are mysteries such as Sasquatch etc? Well, because whether they are scientifically known or unknown creatures I care. I didn't become a naturalist decades ago to become rich.  I spend a lot of money I need helping out.  Somehow I don't see my making a barrel of money to retire on.  Besides, naturalists do not retire.

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