Friday, 29 May 2015

I Think People Need To Grow Up


Honestly, "This program is for entertainment purposes only" is what it says before most of the current glut of same haunting-every week (seriously, almost word-for-word!) and the same locations ....well, whichever "show" you watch.

"You mustn't say nasty things about Ghost Adventures because it could get cancelled!"  Really? 

Having watched the early group of series it seems interesting but then we learn it is NOT just "three guys, three cameras and three digi-recorders".

 Then we have all this "newly invented ghost hunting equipment" -I do not in any way, shape or form accept "stick figures" or any lights going on and off as "positive proof of spirit interactions".  EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) -the recordings are so bad that even four people listening with volume up cannot hear what these people are claiming.  Digital voice recorders are plain noisy and you'll notice the difference if you use an old reel-to-reel or even cassette recorder.

Are these recordings EVER handed over to a lab specialising in audio investigation to verify IF there ARE voices?  Do these voices conform to the voice patterns of solid, living people?  Any similarity to any of the investigators voices?  Is there a voice but compares in no way to a human voice pattern?

EVERY piece of equipment and recording needs full investigation before it could even be accepted as anything near "evidence".

Remember all those "orbs" that were never seen on old film cameras?  Sun catching a drop of rain or even lens flares.  I posted my own orb photos in Some Things Strange And Sinister as well as on this blog

Dust.  Nothing else.

And then we had the "Rods" phenomena?  Either things moving past camera or insects. Digital cameras pick up so much detail that things old film cameras might have missed are now seen.  Look at the insect "rod" below.
Just check out the amount of pixel info in a digital photo of a human face compared to that in an old style film photo.

Even this Two flashes for "No" and one flash for "Yes" trick -and it IS a trick- has been exposed before now and reported on and I've even tried it myself while 'communicating' with a ...well, my question: "Are you a ten feet tall blueberry from Dimension Z?" second...two seconds...a flash to say "Yes"!  I learnt so much about 10 feet high blueberries from Dimension Z.

An EMF meters.  Electromagnetic fields are everywhere.  They vary.  Wiring in a house, a TV or a radio -even naturally occurring fluctuations and, yes, they do affect humans because we have our own electromagnetic fields!.

Temperature meters show that temperatures fluctuate.  Well, of course they do -a draft will cause a temperature drop. Electrical equipment can warm up areas.  It means nothing.

Before using infra red or any other type of equipment you need experience and to know what it might show.  Images and technical info needs to be made available to experts in the equipment and the question needs to be asked: can you explain this?

Oh, it all looks nice -pretty colours, odd shapes, strange often unintelligible sounds but if any -any- of these people were really out to scientifically prove the existence of an after-life then they would be doing this.

"Gateways to Hell", "The Devil" -for crying out loud, even Satan would get the "Number of the Best" right not keep signing "666"!- "demons" it is all pure flim-flam.

I am not a skeptic that says "nay" to everything.  BUT I want to see evidence.  Facts. Solid data and not accept TV fantasy.

If I question claims of "monsters", "Ghosts", "UFOs" or anything strange it is because I want to PROVE the existence of these things IF they exist.  It is only through truth that you get real knowledge not fantasy.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Photographs of Mysterious Mechanism of the Sun That Has Baffled Scientists

These images are just incredible. We still know only about 1% of what is "out there" in our solar system and I'll guarantee more surprises in the next few years!

This photo shows a mysterious mechanism of the sun that has baffled scientists for centuries

From 93 million miles away, we earthlings are blissfully unaware of the sheer magnitude of powerful activity roiling on the the sun's surface. But thanks to NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft, which has been snapping pictures of the sun for the last five years, we can see this massive monster in action, like in the SDO image below:

sun(NASA SDO) 

What you're seeing is a representation of one small part of the sun's colossal magnetic field.
The sun's magnetic field is constantly changing unlike Earth's, which means it's growing and shrinking in strength.

Sometimes it can swell to be thousands of times stronger than Earth's. When that happens, it generates black blemishes called sunspots, as shown in the image below:

(NASA Goddard on YouTube) Sunspots, like the one shown here are cooler than their surroundings, which is why they appear black. But don't be misled, the typical temperature of a sunspot is 7600 degrees Fahrenheit. If we go back to the first image, what you're seeing are two giant sunspots in blue and yellow. Both are large enough to completely swallow the Earth.

The blue and yellow are false colors — in reality, the sunspots are black.

But these false colors serve an important purpose: The magnetic field of the sunspot in blue has an opposite charge from the sunspot in yellow.

What's happening here is similar to what occurs when you throw a handful of iron filings onto a bar magnet.

The bar magnet has a north and south pole that generates magnetic field lines around it. These fields are completely invisible to the naked eye, but when you sprinkle some iron shavings around it, they actually then outline the fields so you can see them.

The super-hot gas spewing from the solar surface does the same thing: It traces the immensely powerful magnetic field lines connecting the sunspot that acts like the north pole of a bar magnet with the sunspot that represents that south pole.

The most stunning part of this recent SDO image (shown again below) are the white, ethereal wisps — called coronal loops — streaking across the solar surface. These pale whiskers represent hot gas outlining the magnetic field lines connecting the two sunspots.

Although sunspots were first studied in the 16th century by Galileo Galilei — the first scientist to observe the universe through a telescope — researchers are still unsure how these pockets of intense magnetic activity generate sunspots. But with SDO and its more than 100 million pictures taken over the last five years, scientists are hopeful that they will uncover the mysterious mechanism behind these enigmatic spots.


430,000-Year-Old Murder Victim Discovered?


Age: unknown. Sex: unknown. Cause of death: blunt force trauma. Time of Death: 430,000 B.C., give or take a few thousand years.

Archaeologists may have unearthed one of the world's oldest cold cases — a skull fragment found in a Spanish cave from an ancient murder victim whose head was bashed in.

The skull was first unearthed in the Atapuerca Mountains, which are threaded by a series of limestone caves, sinkholes and tunnels. In 1987, researchers scrambled down a chimney into one of those caves to discover a giant bone bed.

The site, known as Sima de los Huesos, or "pit of the bones," harbors thousands of skeletal fragments from at least 28 individuals from multiple Homo species, including Homo heidelbergensis and a mysterious Homo species known only as the Sima de los Huesos hominin. Scientists don't know exactly why so many bodies were buried in this region, but many have speculated that it is one of the world's oldest burial pits.

"The bodies were deposited at the site by other members of the social group," study co-author Nohemi Sala, a paleontologist at the Carlos III Health Institute in Madrid, speculated.

Scientists excavating at the site first found a skull fragment in 1990, but it wasn't until years later that they found other matching pieces of the skull. After many years, Sala and her colleagues painstakingly reconstructed the skull, revealing two holes poked through it. The skull belonged to a young adult of unknown sex and human species.

To solve this ancient murder mystery, the team analyzed the chemical makeup and structure of the bone around the holes, and found the head wounds had not healed before death, suggesting the man or woman died of his injuries.

While it's possible that the "person" took a tumble down the chimney and bashed his head on a limestone boulder, it's unlikely he could have sustained two such wounds through an accidental fall, the researchers wrote in their paper, which was published today (May 27) in the journal PLOS ONE. In addition, the slow settling of the ground over hundreds of thousands of years didn't produce enough energy to cause the person's head wounds, Sala added.

That left one logical conclusion: murder.

"Based on the similarities in shape and size of both the wounds, we believe they are the result of repeated blows with the same object and inflicted by another individual, perhaps in a face-to-face encounter," Sala said. "We are not sure what the object was. However, possibilities include a wooden spear or a stone hand ax."

While ancient hominins may have cannibalized and butchered each other, there has been relatively little evidence for people using deadly force against other humans during the Paleolithic. At Shanidar Cave in Iraq, scientists have found a Neanderthal with a wound around his ribs, but that wound healed and was probably not lethal, the researchers wrote. In Sungir Cave in Russia, a skeleton bears a deadly spine fracture clearly caused by violence, but that could have been the result of a hunting accident, the researchers wrote.

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