Saturday, 27 July 2013

Bigfoot Newsletters Bobbie Short Has Died

I had wondered why Bobbie Short had not issued a Bigfoot Newsletter in a while and on checking Bigfoot Encounters I read this:

5/24/13 update: Hi everybody, I regret to inform you all that Bobbie passed unexpectedly a week ago Thursday

5/16/13. I know some of you may have been trying to contact her and wondering what was going on. This website and her research were a labor of love for many years and while I will not be maintaining it, I will certainly leave it up for an indefinite amount of time until its fate has been decided. There was also a book in-progress, that I'm not entirely certainly of its completion, that I'm trying to figure out what to do with. If anybody wants to contact me to find out about something she left pending or what not, you can reach me at

I'm Chris Millet, her grandson who helped her get this site off the ground and running so many years ago.

The Bigfoot Field Journal has a tribute to her.

Tempus fugit