Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A stick is a stick is a stick.

Apparently, "BillyBigfoot" wants to argue about the stick he found in woods (see the last post).

Firstly, I do NOT enter into correspondence with people using false names. If "BillyBigfoot" wants to discuss anything he needs to identify himself.  Otherwise -NO.

Secondly, I think it says a great deal about the fictional UK wild-man hysteria that someone picks up a stick and insists it's a "Bigfoot" stick used for tree-knocking communication.  Why? Because it was found in woodland.  It's a stick. Does it mean if I find two twigs on the ground they are Bigfoot chopsticks?

There are no UK wild-men nor Bigfoot type hominids.  And I am not going to argue because someone who needs a life found a stick and it has become his greatest piece of evidence. A stick is a stick is a stick.

Monday, 18 April 2016

The British Wild Man

About 3(?) months ago I left a comment on a You Tube video where some unfortunate soul claimed that he had found a stick in woodland. It was, he was 100% sure, a wild man's "knocking stick".  I pointed out, based on the clear video footage of the stick that...it was just a stick and had obviously lain around a long while. In fact, this is what I wrote:

"Sorry to disillusion you but you are seeing natural wear and decay as signs of something they are not. Squirrels strip bark. Mice and rats nibble at bark -as do rabbits. I have several such sticks from trees in my back garden and the cut at the end is instrument (saw) made. I'm a naturalist and walk through the middle of woods and come across people out walking away from regular footpaths. Also, shelters: in the woods around here there are three different homeless people living in lean-tos and there are a LOT of homeless people doing this today -that's excluding bush-craft people. AND people ALWAYS use old branches as sticks walking through woods -I see that all the time. Then the sticks are left and someone else sees it later and uses it. IF you have any physical evidence please get in touch because I really am interested in what you find."

I heard no more.

Today I get a message via You Tube "+Terry Hooper What, no reply after 3 months? Owned."

Well, as I received no response how could I reply?  I was quite open and honest and genuinely interested in any evidence.  I'm sorry if this poor person thinks a stick or a broken branch or a lean-to is evidence of some wild-man.

It just isn't. This whole UK wild-man hysteria is quite modern and citing a ghost story of cave-men (possibly) seen dancing around on a cliff but quoting it twice and at different locations does not help. These people do not help themselves when screeching that scientists and experts will simply not look into their claims seriously and then, when a serious offer is made, out-rightly attack that person on Face Book and offer no more cooperation (but apologise privately to avoid looking stupid -I keep ALL my communications) well, says a lot.

There are no relic populations of wild-men or Bigfoot type creatures in the United Kingdom. There is absolutely no evidence.  Again, broken tree limbs, lean-tos, hearing a noise in the dark or from deep undergrowth is nothing. The alleged photographs of these creatures -not one person would come forward or offer them for analysis.  Why not if what they want are people from real scientific fields to take them seriously and look at the 'evidence'.

How childish can you get -"Owned"?  Did the man want a debate on a stick?? He could have emailed me or contacted me via the wild-man's Face Book page but no. He waits three months....I was feeding Bigfoot in my back garden for cripes sake.

The US has a big UFO then abduction hysteria.  The UK copies that later on.  Bigfoot in the US and wild-men (I have no doubt) in Eurasia.  So, I, in decades of looking at all sorts of rare sources, newspaper accounts (see Some More Things Strange & Sinister) not to mention the people I have spoken to -some living bang smack in the middle of UK "wild-man" territory for 50 or 60 years and know all the ghost stories and local legends -not one says "Oh, and there are those wild-men of course"?

And the US has the whole "Goat-man" and "Wolf-man" hysteria (again thanks to a huge number of dreadful un-factual US TV shows) and what is the UK getting now? Wolf-man sightings.

All promoted by authors who have a vested interest in keeping this trash going. Lectures, talks and TV appearances as well as books.  Not one single piece of physical evidence.  I've looked at everything available.  Nothing.

You offer to help with an open mind and these people get nasty and will not cooperate because they know they have nothing.  I tried my best and even ignored the insults repeating things over and over so they would understand. Nothing -and this was on "the" UK group.

In case you want to see the stick in question I'll post it below -apparently you have to go through his videos to find the date he found this piece of hard evidence because he cannot remember when...and he could not be bothered checking his own videos or notes IF he has notes. Incidentally, I have two sticks that look exactly the same that I took from woodland so maybe I have UK "Bigfoot" evidence?

The only thing this man "owns" is an old stick.  Pathetic.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Paranormal Lockdown

I've always given Nick Groff a little more respect. After he left Ghost Adventures things got worse.  So the talk was that Groff was unhappy with what was going on.

Into episode 6 of Groff's series Paranormal Lockdown has just aired and it is wonderfully filmed.

But the series itself is a pot of very bad acting,over exaggeration and the usual crackpot "scientific device".

Episode 6 is the last I will ever watch.

Shit about covers it.  Even worse than Ghost Adventures.

And they WON'T leave until I believe their fraudulent hoaxing and pretend science? Good. No more TV shows from them.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

It Could Always Be Rocket raccoon Lost?

The idea here is that everyone think it a destroyer of millions of pounds worth of something. 

That way they can kill it and have their 'fun'. 

However, I was a UK Police Forces wildlife consultant from 1977-2007 and there are a LOT of raccoons in the UK and they've been here for many years and not once was I told by a forester, woodsman or anyone else that they were causing mammoth damage. 

It's natural selection by human intervention. Move a species in and it survives then that's it. 

You can make a lot of money from wildlife tours.  

Happy to say that apart from the odd retard who wants to shoot the raccoon not many people (judging by the comments) are falling for this "nasty", "environmental damaging" line any more. Good.

Escaped Raccoon Caught On Film In Scotland

Conservationists warn the North American mammal could cause millions of pounds worth of damage if it became established in the UK.
14:55, UK, Friday 01 April 2016
Raccoon spotted
The raccoon was filmed by a Scottish wildlife group
A fugitive with a "nasty bite" is at large and should not be approached, it has been warned.

Thousands of miles from its native North America, a raccoon has been photographed in the Scottish wild by a camera trap set up to record images of the elusive Scottish wildcat.

The footage revealed the furry mammal foraging in woodland near Garve in the Highlands.

Members of the public have been warned not to approach it, as the animal has a "nasty bite".

Conservation body, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), said it plans to trap and rehouse the raccoon.
SNH wildlife and non-native species manager Stan Whitaker said: "Raccoons could cause millions of pounds worth of damage per year to the Scottish economy if they became established here.

"They could also cause significant damage to our native wildlife by preying on birds, small animals and amphibians.

"Raccoons aren't dangerous but they may give you a nasty bite if cornered.

"The raccoon that has been recorded is an adult and roughly the size of a domestic cat."

SNH said raccoons have been identified in Scotland as one of the top 50 invasive, non-native species most likely to be introduced and cause negative impacts.

They are currently kept as pets and zoo animals, and there have been several escapes in the last few years.

Anyone who spots the raccoon is asked to report it immediately to the Scottish Environment and Rural Services (SEARS).