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Unidentified -Identified

I got an email -no comment on the blog though- asking why I had removed the very lengthy post (10 pp in WordDoc) on Abductees and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In 24 hours it had received 10 views while older posts got far in excess of that number of views.  Why bother?  It will go into my next book.

Another book?  Yes, another one. Unidentified - Identified is not, as you might think from the title, a "let's debunk cases" book.

I never "debunk": what I do is look at the facts and what we know and, if what I find is the solution then I offer it along with references.  This is no cut and paste sensationalistic pack of lies and half-truthsThe X-Files and Dr Who are science fiction/fantasy and not reality.

Unidentified - Identified  will look mainly at alleged UFO incidents and the subject itself. However, if a case arrives on my literal doorstep unannounced I will look at that if it is interesting enough whether UFO or not.

Let me make my own personal opinion clear:

(1)  I do not believe that some alien space craft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.  Until the 1980s and Charles Berlitz and William Moore wanting a bit of padding for a book no one gave a cuss about the report.  No witnesses came forward and it was established by the early 1950s that the author Frank Scully was either hoaxing or fooled by hoaxers. That is still being argued. No dead aliens.  Then people like Leonard H. Stringfield saw their was "gold" in the subject and there followed report after report on "Retrievals of the Third Kind".  Fake. The National Archives in the United States HAS the Roswell wreckage as described in the famous FBI telex message.  Go see it.

(2) A 19th century flying saucer crash and buried "Martian" at Aurora, Texas. It was established by the 1970s that the whole story was a newspaper hoax at a time when Aurora was another dying little town. Then the flying saucer money-makers saw their chance. If -if- they truly believed what they wrote and talked about then those ufologists were fooled.  But people are people. I tend to be less sympathetic to those who deliberately lie and brush away facts.

(3) I do not believe that the United States Air Force or any of the world's air forces or governments have any crashed "alien space saucers".  At my last count there were supposedly 100+ and all I have to say is this: come on -they have the advanced technology to travel intergalactic space but crash one after another.  That is so ridiculous that I have to sit back in amazement when people say they believe this is real. And the alien bodies (remember these are witnesses of integrity and their back top secret clearance or whatever makes them beyond question as genuine):

Small caskets were ordered from local undertakers because, obviously, the USAF had no access to anyone who could get the wood and cut and then nail it all together. Seriously?

There is a vast cold storage area beneath Wright Patterson AFB for storing the dead aliens.  There was also one under the Empire State Building until the 1970s.  Do not get these confused with the one at Area 51. Or the one in Washington. get the point?  Now let's not confuse things because we all know (of course) about the living aliens being interrogated in various locations around the United States and Russia.  We know about this because there are only 4-5 individuals operating in the utmost secrecy and if any of them spoke out they would be "terminated".  Oh, come on: we know that should be "Twepped" -"terminated with extreme prejudice" and what sort of intelligence agency employs 4-5 men and cannot find out who blabbed.  Oh, but we have the poor video footage and photographs to back up the claims. Now I look a fool for doubting all of this.

(4) We do know that, for Intelligence created agenda, even veteran USAAF/USAF pilots were ridiculed or treated as poor witnesses after UFO encounters. This may have prompted the so called "Shoot it down" order because then USAF senior officers and their supporters could have given their Intelligence bosses "the finger" and said "There. **** you!" Inter-service rivalry is one thing but there is a bigger war going on in the corridors of power.

We do know that all of this resulted in Intelligence led operations to confuse witness testimony, spy on witnesses and so on -as with Betty and Barney Hill. All of this helped to confuse the Soviet Union over US spy planes, test aircraft and more because the GRU or KGB were not interested in "nut case" flying saucer and contactee reports: they wanted military intelligence info.

In some cases we know that members of the Intelligence community threatened witnesses but, and let us get this out of the way, they did not murder "prominent Ufologists.  Sadly, people in all walks of life get ill and die -some suddenly.  Some suffer from depression and at a time when you never talked openly about this and people noting "changes" would assume "something was going on.  He was less talkative, snappy".  People suffering depression do commit suicide.

Sudden deaths -with the Anomalous Observational Phenomena Bureau two leading supporters died within months of one another.  Then another died. Dave Cowdy (an AOP B member) died of a massive heart attack. Later Franklyn A. Davin-Wilson, after a speedy recovery from a kidney operation, died suddenly of a heart attack.

The supporters who died suddenly were in their late 70's and early 80's and cause of deaths were natural -various health problems and complications.  Dave Cowdy had suffered from ill health but (we are talking late 1970s) had an undiagnosed heart condition.  Franklyn had died due to a blood clot: back in 1983 Warfarin was not routinely dispensed to prevent blood clotting after operations.

It is despicable in the extreme to start using the deaths of individuals as part of your warped theory or lies to sell books.  These were people with wives, children, parents who grieved and for them to read the sort of thing being written about their loved one's death.  Disgraceful.

(5) I have never had any problems when it came to UFOs and police forces or the Ministry of Defence, RAF, Royal Navy or Army. In fact, they have all been quite helpful over the last 40 years!  I recognise that certain military operations are sensitive for one reason or another and my interest is getting to the bottom of a report not sticking my nose into military matters or things they might be working on. "Is it worth me digging into this report more?" usually gets a response like "Well you won't find any aliens" and that is enough because their is a certain "code" with conversations and that backed up by what I would have already discovered before any conversation is enough.

I treat MoD officials (with a certain exception and he should know who he is) with the respect that I expect from them.  In the case of the 1980s Ghost Lear Jet (reported on in Some Things Strange & Sinister) I had come to a dead end and then received a telephone call from the MoD section dealing with Search & Rescue -that call opened up the case for me.

The MoD got copies of my UFO investigation reports. I expected no correspondence from this. I have made it clear and open since the 1970's that if any government department including the MoD wanted to know about my UFO work or conclusions they just had to ask -after all, they are covered by the Data Protection Act so they are not going to go blurting things out to newspapers or reporters!

(6) Hoyt S. Vandenbergh and the alleged UFO "Situation Report" (1948) that he ordered destroyed. In 1946, he was briefly the U.S. Chief of Military Intelligence and to say to his superiors that there were things flying in US airspace, over military bases and out-flying their best interceptors and no one had any idea what theses things were or came from but they were not Soviet...not good. So he destroyed the report because it confirmed extra terrestrial craft were involved. That is what we are told by people who report gossip and fit it into their own agenda but have never seen the report.

It comes down to whether the report actually stated "It's aliens!" which I was told it did not. From what we know (there was still rumoured to be a copy of the report in 1980 because all copies were not destroyed) those compiling the report looked at information available and the Soviets could be ruled out as could any other power. Meteorological and astronomical solutions/theories were looked at. The idea that this was superior technology not from this Earth might have been considered -at the time it probably seemed the best solution. Situation Reports offer "options" and facts because that is what they are for and they are advisory.

Major General C. P. Cabell, USAF Director of Intelligence wrote, in a note to the Comming Officer of Air Material Command on 3rd November, 1948:

"The conclusion appears inescapable that some type of flying object has been observed. Identification and the origin of these objects is not discernible to this Headquarters. It is imperative, therefore, that efforts to determine whether these objects are of domestic or foreign origin must be increased until conclusive evidence is obtained. The needs of national defense require such evidence in order that appropriate countermeasures may be taken."

And that is the point: evidence to back up any proposed solution to the question of "what they are". To say to the President of the United States, the Commander-In-Chief: "Sir: it's all little green men" is, and let's under state things here, career suicide. No evidence, no defence against and after all these are flying saucers from outer space.  "Ah, General -you need a very long vacation. Permanent".

As with the British MoD -in fact as in every walk of life from bakers to pub owners and even policemen and scientists- the USAF probably had those who were on the fence about the origin of UFOs, others probably thought they came from space and the others were just downright dismissive of all the UFO and alien bunkum. Each person will decide where they stand and just how vocal they are and even being in a senior positions does not mean you are impervious to jokes having your career put on hold if you shout "UFOs are from outer space!"

People are people.

(7) There is a military-alien alliance or that aliens are in control and get a free hand in abducting people. This is a joke. "We" are shooting them (UFOs) down.  "We" have their craft and alien bodies. It goes on and on.  Yet they (aliens) are in command walking all over us.  Give me a break.

(8) I do not believe, based on the lack of any real evidence, in David Jacobs' "mass alien (Grey) abduction" paranoia.  As I have written on this blog as well as my book, UFO Contact?, Jacobs lost the plot somewhere -and I state that as someone who strongly supported his and Budd Hopkins' work. Now you can dismiss my stance but if you do so without even reading why I believe this then that just shows a closed mind -something UFO believers accuse everyone else of.

Ufologists needing to be "silenced" is a joke. I once met a military man and we talked about this and he chuckled and responded: "No one needs to silence them. They fight amongst each other as well as lie and cheat to get one up on each other!"  This is true.  In the UK it was around twenty years ago that the lid blew off British Ufology and the fact that well known ufologists were faking UFO reports and photographs but even after that there was no out-and-out re-organisation because ufology lost its true purpose back in the early 1990s. Any real research is carried out by private individuals of varying degrees of competence.

Ufology, cryptozoology and all the other "ologies" are all just fan clubs practicing self deceit or some form of fraud that keeps them promoting  incidents and cases proven -proven- 20, 30, 40 or 60 byears ago to be fake/hoaxes or were explained.  All thrown out because the slick-haired media darlings are on to a money-earner.  Captain Thomas Mantell was not killed by a UFO: it was a tragic accident and the facts clearly show that.

To be honest I want to get to the truth. If I cannot explain something then I will say so and I will even ask that anyone who does have a solution gets in contact with me.  

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New Imprints Launched 1st September

After re-organising the online store it was decided that Black Tower Comics & Graphic Novels would be treated as a separate imprint from the company.

The re-organisation has led to the following imprints being created and which will launch on 1st September, 2018:

Nature Series -Wildlife related books

World Mysteries -encompassing everything from the paranormal, cryptozoology, ufology and more.

Technical Study Books -the first is UFO Contact? and would be considered far more in depth (at 500+pp) on subject matter.

All of the books -Some Things Strange & Sinister   Some MORE Things Strange & Sinister   Pursuing The Strange and Weird   The Truth About Spring Heeled Jack and Mysterious Beasts & Creatures - have had re-writes to some degree and extra photographs and other images added and all carry the "World Mysteries" logo.

More information on 1st September.

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Recent Comments

Firstly, thank you if you recently left a comment. It is very much appreciated.

When it comes to Ghost Adventures, however, there is little chance that I am going to venture down that path again.  I noticed that they recently jumped onto the Skinwalker Ranch fakery with a trip to "Skinwalker Valley".

Hey, a TV company wants to pay to do a few shows on these things I have no problem with that. But most of the existing TV shows lost credibility long ago.

Unless you can analyze the heck out of data you have recorded then what's the point? Even EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) -things have moved on tech wise since I was involved in the 1970s/1980s.

Believe what you want to believe.

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Books Launching 1st September, 2018

On the 1st September, 2018, I will be publishing the up-dated versions of the following books under the World Mysteries imprint:

The Bizarre Legend, Crimes and Truth about Spring Heeled Jack

Some Things Strange & Sinister

Some More Things Strange & Sinister

Pursuing the Strange and Weird: A Naturalist's Viewpoint

"World Mysteries" was chosen as the books are not classed as solely cryptozoological, Ufological, paranormal or whatever. They cover all of these and more from around the world.

UFO Contact? is in a separate category of its own since the intention was that this be a technical paper that got kind of out of hand!

Mysterious & Strange Beasts is also covered by the World Mysteries imprint.

The Girt Dog of Ennerdale and The Red Paper: Canids are all classed under the Nature imprint

Cruisers of the Clouds comes under the History imprint, naturally.

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The Girt Dog of Ennerdale -Up-date

42 pages (previously 34pp)

Over 200 years ago, in 1810, sheep were being killed in the Ennerdale area of Cumbria. The sheep were allegedly hardly eaten yet their blood had been drained and the killer responsible thwarted the efforts of organised hunts and terrified hounds.

What was the “Girt Dog” of Ennerdale? Many theories abound from a paranormal creature called a “Mauler” to an escaped hyena , Tiger or even a Thylacine. Perhaps an unknown species of native British big cat?
The truth of what the “Girt Dog” was lies within the original accounts of the time. Documents that modern writers appear to have never consulted.
Noted British naturalist Terry Hooper-Scharf assesses the evidence.

This up-dated work contains new photographs, illustrations and maps as well as a look at how later newspapers reported the facts.

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They Are Just Me "Thinking At Random"

Which is how I would describe a lot of my posts!

Fake Moon Landings? Ancient Astronauts?

I prefer to not get too bogged down on one subject. I always maintain a healthy interest that means I will look for case updates or new video clips.  If someone suggests a breakthrough in one particular subject then I will check to see what their evidence is or if they are merely flapping their gums.

I was asked by a reporter about "the faked Moon landings" and I stopped him immediately and pointed out that the Moon landings were not faked and every argument that they were is based on stupidity and not knowing fact from fiction.  The remnants of the old Apollo missions have been photographed on the Lunar surface by space probes.  I even posted a video on the AOP Face Book page in which someone systematically tears up the theory. The response? "Well it's a bit of free publicity--"

I put the phone down.

Just as all the arguments from the ancient astronauts crew can be dismissed -again I posted on the AOP FB page a long video that tore the "This needed super advanced technology" to build theory to pieces.

Let me explain.  Back in the 1970s I asked Carl Sagan about UFOs and ancient astronauts and so on. Very brief exchange. The response echoed one he had made publicly; there is no reason why some advanced extra terrestrial civilization might not have visited Earth in the past. There was just no physical evidence. Cite every cave drawing and petroglyph/hieroglyph you want it is not evidence of any extra terrestrial visitation in the past.  For one thing we know what a lot of these things mean or that they are related to religious beliefs but as no early Man/Woman wrote down everything (well, the glyphs ARE them writing stuff down!) so that we know "this" represented the sun or moon gods or the god of animals etc., we base our research on what we already know.

The Star Child skull I dealt with in Pursuing the Strange and Weird: A Naturalist's Viewpoint and, no, I will not tell you what I concluded -buy the book it took a lot of hard work to put together!  That said, if you use the Star Child Skull in your pro-early ET visitors claims: you lose.

There seems to be almost a mental block with people today.  Almost as though no one reads books, research papers or looks into anything themselves. What someone tells you on You Tube is not necessarily factual and though there are some superb science channels that is still not all you need to know.  We are Homo sapiens ("wise man") and we have brains we should use.

Yes, you will learn on You Tube that there is evidence pointing to a lineage of Welsh kings and there is an Arthur and Arthur II. When I pointed this out to some Welsh people I was asked "So what?" I explained that there was a great wealth of Welsh history re-written by English conquerors -their heritage. They were more excited by Beyonce and JayZ getting married.  The common response from people toward history is "Why should I care about what happened back then?"

In the 650s the Dark Ages  came.  Now, again on You Tube you will find a claim that "a comet struck Britain" and there was an exodus to Ireland and Europe.  Well, if a comet or fragments of a comet hit Britain no one would be packing up to leave!  In fact, it seems as though the culprit that brought on the virtual "nuclear winter" was a massive volcanic eruption in Indonesia.

There is "The Great (New England) Darkness" of May, 1780, dealt with in Some More Things Strange & Sinister, had a number of theories put forward but the likeliest (it seems almost proven) seems to be a huge fire.  Remember that, in 2018, California fires resulted in smoke reaching as far as New York some 3000 miles away. In the 650s (AD) there was no satellite, phone or other system of communication  between remote parts of the globe. Volcanic dust -not a comet striking Britain- brought about the Dark Ages.

At one time it was thought that pyramids in Egypt were built using hundreds of thousands of slaves who laboured away and died in droves. That was still being claimed by speakers at UFO events in the 1980s to prove ET intervention. Our knowledge through archaeology, research and investigation has told us how the pyramids were built -mini towns of skilled workers and labourers including people working constantly to keep copper tools sharpened.  We know the rations of food and beer allocated to workers.  No aliens.  No levitation machines. These Ancient Astronaut bunko men rely on people taking their word on "it was impossible for a hundred men to move that stone" because if you have read a real book by a real archaeologist or even a TV programme that is factual you would be asking the bunko boys for your money back.

We are where we are today because of our ancestors and the civilisations from Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, Maya, Inca and even Amazonian (maybe even some waiting to be discovered) and what they achieved. In Amazonia the cities were lost to vegetation after diseases introduced by Europeans wiped the peoples out -pure fantasy...but now science and archaeology have proven those cities existed.

Humans managed to reach the Moon.  Men with a lot of guts sitting on huge 'bombs' that were to blast them into space.  Some died.  Some almost died -remember Apollo 13?  There was even a movie if that helps.  None of this was faked in a studio by Stanley Kubrick and if you truly believe that you definitely need the help of a psychiatrist.

Belittling the achievements of our ancestors and brave men in recent history is like spitting in your own face. It is almost as though Humankind has reached an IQ blockage in a certain percentage of the population.

This is how it should be done.  You discover a strange body, mummified with deformities then that needs to be studied and really ought to be put back where it was found later. "It's human with a deformity" and that is an end to it and screaming about a cover-up just makes you look daft.

You discover an artefact or strange petro/hieroglyphs then make them known.  Let the experts in the field study them.  Again, the fact that it probably has nothing to do with aliens does not diminish any interest in the find. There are, however, so many faked "alien artefacts" from tractor and digger parts to faked little amulets that it is hard to keep up with it all.

Citing the 'research' of someone who has done no real research but is something of a crank does not help your case.  If you want to live in a fantasy world where The X-Files, Dr Who and lords know what else are mish-mashed together then no problem.  Just keep it to yourself.

If you have evidence of a claim then stamping your foot and saying "I'm not letting you see -it's mine!" means you have nothing. Evidence should be looked at by people from whichever discipline is best and the results double-checked.  It is called "peer review" and if Melba Ketchum had been serious about Bigfoot DNA testing that is what she should have done -not produce a nonsense that made anyone really interested in scientific study back away.

When talking to UFO witnesses, if I found an explanation for what they sighted, the most common reaction I got was "Oh I'm so sorry. I feel such a fool now and I have wasted your time!" No. I have had to point out repeatedly that they should not be embarrassed nor feel they have wasted my time because even these cases tell me something -how and why a person saw what they did and the circumstances and conditions that make them think they had seen something inexplicable -it all helps in any real study.  So, no, I do not feel my time was wasted.

You have to look at everything without bias.  You have to investigate, research and, if possible, try to create the circumstances in a case.  Talk to people. Yes, a hundred, two hundred cases may be filed away under some classification or other but you learn and that could eventually lead to a case that stumps you.  Something completely unexplained today -maybe even discovering a new species.

Just do not belittle any of Humankind's past (ancient or more recent) achievements and expect me to jump onto the band wagon for "publicity".

Monday, 13 August 2018

Blasting Ufology....Don't Even Get Me Started

I was asked whether I was not being a bit hard on Ufology in my post yesterday. No. Believe me, if I wanted to tear a new hole in a certain UFO organisation I could and that would be citing many references.

I had hoped that UFO Contact? might give Ufology a bit of a wake up call.  Seriously, I doubt beating these people over the head with a baseball bat would get a reaction. Let's look at a few home truths here.

If you want to contact, say, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) do not look at their official site.  You will find a link to complete an online UFO sighting form.  You will find a prominent link to make a donation.  There is even a link for the media -now that is very important. I remember a time when you could find the contact details of MUFON directors and other 'staffers' easily. To actually track down someone who is "in charge" you need to do what I had to do: track them down via social media!

Then you have to remember that you are not just a witness to an event as far as these groups are concerned: you are a commercial commodity.  Firstly, "Why don't you subscribe to our journal?" Then, if the sighting is good enough well, you could get pushed forward as part of one of their media pushes -and if you know what is going on then you know this is going on.

Now, yesterday, I spent over an hour watching what MUFON calls "The Best MUFON UFO Video Submissions Of 2018. (January - April)" -with comments muted.  It is 1 hour 21 mins of out of focus/in focus clips of Chinese lanterns, balloons, aircraft, stars and even lightning so no wonder comments were disable.  Any scientist seriously thinking about looking at the evidence will see that video, laugh out loud and think "kooks!"

"MUFON’s goal is to study, track and gather data on daily UFO encounters from around the world.
“As the world's oldest and largest UFO phenomenon investigative body we aim to be the inquisitive minds' refuge seeking answers to that most ancient question, ‘Are we alone in the universe?’”

And the UFO media darlings tend to resemble and give off the air of used car salesmen and bunko men. The will cite the "solid cases" endlessly -

Thomas Mantell who did not die chasing an extraterrestrial space ship.  It was a tragic accident and all the facts are openly known and have been since at least the 1960s -the truth was known in the 1950s but promoted as a UFO incident.

The Aurora UFO crash never happened. It has been proven and why the story originated is also very well known.

I do not have time to waste on Roswell -the material is in the US National Archives and exactly as described.

Time and time again you hear the same old 50, 60 or 70 years old case cited and this is because the media darlings can claim it was genuine -you prove other wise decades later.  Most members of the public believe the 'experts' and, hey, TV and fantasists have 'proven' the government is lying about all of this.  These are the people who watch video recordings of meteorological balloons exploding and believe the Government is secretly releasing chemicals into the atmosphere.

Somewhere, in the mid-1980s, when it came to UFO research and investigation things went very wrong. Believe me, when I wrote UFO Contact? I had no idea what I would come across and it did not put investigators in a good light.

Now, excluding all the "Grey" alien abduction hysteria fuelled by the evangelical paranoia of people like David Jacobs, look back to reports before Greys became "de rigueur".  How many of the cases of alleged alien abduction or Close Encounters of the Third Kind can you think of involving "black" percipients/witnesses?

Barney Hill

Harrison Bailey

Anyone else?  How about the many -many- who witnessed the objects and entities along with Father Gill in Papua, New Guinea in 1959?

Let's look at this. Barney Hill and his wife, Betty, were accused of outright lying, fraud, being hysterical and much more.  In 1973, when I began looking into these cases I mentioned the Hill case. Norman Oliver of BUFORA and Cos-Mos, spoke highly of the case. I found a couple people who "hmmed" and "ahhed" and some believed the abduction was merely a false memory the couple shared after being traumatised when a group of white young racists attacked them.  Do you know what the majority responded with?  "Well they are a mixed race couple".  No, seriously.  I was even hearing this is 1979 and 1984. Apparently I had to make my own mind up what the "they were a mixed race couple" inferred.

Let's get this straight. "White", "yellow, "Black" or aubergine or blue-skinned (there are blue skinned people) you are Homo sapiens.  A human being. The Human Race is the only one, that we know of, existing on Earth. The whole "mixed race" thing is a nonsense -rather  like someone being "racist" -against their own species?   To be honest, as a young man I had no idea what was going on -I lived in a multicultural, working class area and went to school with India, Pakistani, Afro-carribean, Italian and other kids. Some had (sigh) "mixed race" parents. Don't recall any claims of being snatched by flying saucers though.

It was all a nonsense.  Basically, it all covered an illogical belief that "black people don't see UFOs".

In 1978 I interviewed about three "black" people who had observed odd lights on different occasions. "Probably been on the rum!" was the dismissive remark from someone in the group. No one wanted to go to interview the witnesses

So hearing all of this about Barney Hill made me angry, frustrated and much more.  Ignore all the other facts in the case: "they were a mixed race" couple.

Harrison Bailey.  Well, there was secondary evidence in his case, however, I have never seen such a thorough job of discrediting someone as in his case. Focus on what you can find to discredit rather than focus on the actual incident.

Yes, I am aware of the later claims of Bailey. There is something I term Post Abduction Syndrome (PAS). There is case after case from the early 1950's up to the 1970's of people involved in alleged alien abduction incidents where there are secondary witnesses to the object sighted and even physical, trace, evidence. These people cannot be shaken from their accounts -most, as with the Hills, were exposed to publicity by Ufologists for their own reasons. For many it was a case of "It happened. Get on with life" and that was it -as far as we know.

Many of these people were private individuals, some had come through the Second World War where fatigue, stress and trauma -and the unexpected- were every day things.  Their encounters happened. They were not killed. Get on with life.  There was no counselling these people as the best they could expect would be to see a psychiatrist to judge if they were sane.  They had to keep things bottled up and only they know how that affected them.  There are witnesses who will not go out after dark and flinched noticeably if they see a light they cannot immediately identify -and that was after a close encounter but no abduction.

Everything they grew up believing were jokes, tall tales and rubbish were, in one brief incident lasting a minute or so, blown up in their faces. The psychological aspects of UFO encounters tends to be shoved to one side.  It's the meaty, juicy claim that ufologists want -it'll get them the newspaper and TV gigs and maybe even a book. Get the report and details then push the witness aside -something I write about in UFO Contact?

But does a down-to-earth human mind that is used to the daily routine of getting out of bed, washing and dressing, going to work or shopping -all of the everyday things of life- how does it react and how does it cope with seeing the utterly impossible?  They have been told that flying saucers and "little green men" do not exist -but something, some type of craft, has landed nearby, they cannot move and are either escorted or 'invited' inside by entities that are not human.

The mind of the percipient is in complete turmoil no matter how "together" they seem. Who do they tell? Should they tell anyone?  If they don't report the incident what about other people it happens to? The immediate thought is reporting to the police -in which case they tend to get dismissed or told to, in the UK, report the incident to the MoD...who are not interested after the 2004 paper. In the United States the USAF will suggest you contact a civilian UFO group such as the Centre for UFO Studies (CUFOS).

And contact with civilian investigators can be even more traumatic -the Scopolamine Kids -James and Coral Lorenzen- in the old days.  Investigators betraying witness confidentiality. Selling stories to newspapers to get funding -and the percipient is accused of publicity seeking by the debunkers (because ufologists are not going to openly admit what they -not the percipient- did. While researching and writing UFO Contact? I was shocked at what went on. Percipients who reported physiological symptoms had these brushed aside "We'll try hypnosis first!" and, yes, I got very angry at the fact that these percipients who had suffered a major mental trauma were treated in the most shameful of ways. I really felt for them.

With PAS something can manifest with some, but not all (as far as we know), of the percipients -claims of secondary or occasional later contact incidents.  Some of this may be due to having seen an unusual light and this triggered a kind of "flash-back" memory -just as military veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be going about their business quietly and fire-crackers send them right back to an incident.  I have seen this with a military veteran who jumped in a ditch when a car passing back-fired -I was tempted to laugh but it takes a split second to realise just how serious this is.

Dozens of investigators, reporters,weeks or months of daily attention and then...dumped. Everyone has what they want. The percipient is then left to live with what happened and try to cope.

The Pascagoula case involving Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker: Hickson made further claims and it is quite clear that he was suffering PAS.  Parker, in recent years, has also talked about how he was affected by the incident and how it negatively affected getting jobs and work as he was "that guy got kidnapped by aliens".

Marius Dewilde after his 1954 encounter at Quarouble, France was not abducted but his close encounter certainly affected him badly.

In the Harrison Bailey case his first encounter seems genuine and there appear to be secondary witnesses to the object seen.  It seems very obvious Bailey had a traumatic experience and other percipients never got the negativity that seemed aimed at him -why?

The Papua New Guinea case I heard dismissed time-and-again as involving "superstitious natives" who were ill educated.  There were even photographs of Father Gill circulating to show that he, too, was a native person who probably did not understand what he saw.  This photograph was of a "black" person -it turns out, Father Gill's assistant because Gill was as "White" as you can be. And the other witnesses were far from superstitious natives.

I recall reading several articles over the years in which the question was asked why "black" people did not report UFOs to the extent that "white" people did.  Poor education and other reasons were suggested because either the writers had no idea (in which case their lack of experience meant they could not really be taken seriously) or they suspected but did not want to use that dirty phrase: racial prejudice.

Two groups I worked with had a question on their UFO sightings report forms: one was phrased "Racial background" and the other "Ethnicity". I argued but was ignored.  Nationality (in case it is a witness usually living outside -say- the UK) is legitimate but asking about "ethnic background" is not. The incident and what is reported plus any qualifications that are relevant are important not whether someone is "Anglo-British", Chinese or "black".

Go to reports for 1973 -the last really big UFO wave of sightings that has any significance.  There are newspaper cuttings and even local TV news items where "black" witnesses are telling reporters what they saw.  There are reports of UFO landings and full investigation report which means that we have lost evidence.  A newspaper clipping or reference to a news item is not any kind of evidence.

These days the UFO media circus is all over any witness "cus it's all about the spin, baby". It's all money-spinning potential for the slick-dudes.

In my opinion, Harrison Bailey had two things against him: (1) he was "black" and, (2) he suffered traumatic stress from the original encounter that affected him in later life.  If you look at all the facts he was not treated with any respect as a witness but more like a commodity until his usefulness was other. Barney Hill well, you know. All of those Papuans...all of those UFO witnesses who just happened to not have straight enough hair well, you know.

I have tried to look at other angles but the data suggests we lost a lot of very good case because of prejudice -and any type of prejudice needs to be left at home if you claim to be "scientifically" investigating and researching UFOs.  We have a chance, while some of those witnesses are still alive, to try to get to them and record what they saw or experienced because once they are gone that information is also gone.

"Too long ago" and "too old a case" was derided as an excuse by Ufologists when given by authorities but it seems blow-hards have claimed it as an excuse.  The case I referred to yesterday? "Too long ago" but if I in the UK could find "the witness" (yeah, I doubt the report I sent was even read) and if I could then get 'him' to contact the UFO organisation to report the incident and  fill in a UFO report form and send it back to them then they might "consider whether it was worth looking into".  "**** off!" would have been far more honest.

Oh, and talk about brusque and downright rude responses: my email -I am quite willing to publish that online- was very polite. After 40+ years you learn to be polite and not rude. I had pointed out that I was unsure -due to the fact there were no clear guidelines- whether to send the case notes to "A" or to "B" but noted I had contacted "B" also. To be told that it was disturbing that I did not want to let "B" in one the case shows that the fella is either not able to read properly or cannot keep information accurately in his head for more than a second.  He simply, as I suggested, had to ask his colleague whether I had been in touch but why when I made it clear I had contacted his colleague I have no idea.

I pointed out that, since he was out-rightly dismissing the re-investigation, that I would, indeed, see what I could find out but that any findings would not be sent to his organisation but straight to CUFOS.  His response I cannot even be bothered reading. I am sorry but puffed up, self-important prigs who flap their gums while sitting permanently on their fat asses are of no interest to me.

It is, therefore, perfectly fine to lose all of this information "because".

We need to correct the prejudiced errors of the past as much as we need to remember that genuine percipients in UFO abductions or encounters (whatever you believe) are human beings and need to be treated as such rather than as "good media material".

Through Knowledge Truth (or: telling the truth makes you a lot of frightened enemies)

Sunday, 12 August 2018

A UFO Lands on a US Highway. Multiple Witnesses. A CE 3K Takes ignored

"CE3K" refers to Close Encounters of the Third Kind -where an alien-entity is seen in conjunction with a UFO.

I find it truly amazing how "major UFO investigation" organisations talk-the-talk for the TV cameras or the UFO fans at conventions and fill an hour up with their "Best UFO footage" (chinese lanterns, balloons, aircraft and even stars -all out of focus) but when it comes down to the wire...well,they do not even reach the proverbial wire.

In chapter 28 of UFO Contact? I give all the details regarding a major multi-witness UFO incident.  In fact, one UFO hovered over a US highway while another landed.  Oh, and an entity was seen to temporarily emerge. Remember: multiple witnesses and we have some of those names.

Here is the thing, the incident took place in 1973.  Pascagoula involved two men with no other known witnesses at the time -Ufologists flocked there in droves.  Well, I could cite case after case that was swamped with investigators but only involved 2-3 percipients.

We only know what happened in this case because one of the witnesses, who sounded genuinely scared, contacted a local radio station and the DJ there took notes and recorded the interview. No less than Ted Bloecher, seen at the time as the CE3K expert in the US, urged that the case be investigated as soon as possible as it could be very significant.

The two local investigators said "okay".  Poked around the Pascagoula case until they realised the "Big Boys" were involved.  They tried to get into a case involving a well known entertainer and his UFO sighting -backed away when the "Big Boys" got involved. In fact, they talked-the-talk but could not do one step of "the walk".

In fact, the two investigators are prominent by their complete lack of any action at all.  There is a rumour that it was one or both of them who started rumours to the effect that the 'witness' (only one and they knew better) was "iffy".

The entity described is, and I have searched the thousands of reports in my files, unique.  That in itself could be very significant.

So, with all the details kindly provided by the Centre for UFO Studies (CUFOS), I tried to contact investigators in the Mississippi area. Responses: "Probably a hoax". "Well, could be wasting our time -likely a hoax" and "Seems to be a hoax".  Based on...reading a short summary (I am assuming here that they did read the summary). Now, let's see, if it turned out to be a hoax then the hoaxers never followed up and no word has ever surfaced of a hoax claim. If it is genuine then we have a unique, multiple witness event that, despite urging from Ted Bloecher and others, was never investigated -not even a report form sent to the witnesses.

Why would a case of this potential be ignored -everyone was on top of any UFO landing or alien-entity claim at that time.

There is something very unsettling I have noticed about reports from this period and it only takes a close look at the literature back then as well as how cases were promoted or put on a back-burner. The multiple witnesses were all black and came from a poor black area.  Other "black" witnesses of the time seem to be almost dismissed and I asked (with no prompting, just a request to read through the chapter of the book and tell me what they thought) three people who have been involved in Ufology for decades for, as I wrote a general opinion on the incident.

The first Ufologist was British and he said he was "uneasy" about the investigators and what their behaviour implied. Next, someone now living in New York who used to live in Mississippi: "Reading this, that guy never had straight enough hair!"  In other words, he/they were black.  "You have to remember those were different times.  Two white guys driving into a poor black area would probably be scared.  There were a lot of bad things going on in Mississippi back then. Different now". The other contact lives in California and agreed with the one in New York: "There were so many good reports we lost back then. Real danger was mostly in the mind".

If there was concern a meeting could have been held at the radio station or somewhere else. It does make you wonder what the "good reports" were that were lost through investigators not wanting to visit black areas.

But there is still a chance that some of the witnesses are alive. There are + and - to opening up a cold case investigation.  However, the witnesses could have made notes or drawings at the time and it is far better to at least try to rectify past mistakes than ignore a case like this with a dismissive "too long ago" -did Ufologists not attack and criticise the United States Air Force over exactly that same excuse?

So I contacted MUFON. "Dismissive" does not cover the response. It is a long shot but I am going to have to start searching for the witnesses and seeing what I can find out.  Far easier for American investigators of course but American ufology will have to live with the past shame and current unwillingness to do the right thing.

Cover Price reduction until September -Mysterious & Strange Beasts

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Are humanoid bat-like creatures flying around the United States and UK

Many others are included in this book such as

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In the 1960s the subject of UFO abduction was a "slow-burner" until the whole "Grey" abduction phenomenon and claims made by researchers.

But is there evidence to back up any of the claims -and what about those encountering Alien Entities but who were not abducted?

2017 is the time to assess the past evidence and look at the faults within Ufology.
Not everyone is going to be happy -debunkers or ufologists.

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Clarification on Prose Books and Line Expansion

I need to clarify this action as it seems to have caused some confusion.

The smaller format books were deleted because I did not wish to make things confusing for potential buyers and the photographs, illustrations, etc., look a lot better in the A4 format.  These are, after all, intended to not be just for casual readers with an interest in the strange and unusual but also as reference books for persons wanting to carry out their own investigations.  Or who want to find out what the facts are. Simple.

Some Things Strange & SinisterSome More Things Strange & Sinister and Pursuing The Strange & Weird -A Naturalist's Viewpoint were some of the first prose books I wrote and published. To be honest they need to be brought more up-to-date without altering their contents too much. All three, once up-dated, will be published under the "Mysteries" imprint.

The UFO Report should be available in late 2019.

Although I had considered up-dating The Red Paper: Canids I have decided against this. It was a paper published with the work and research up to that point in time.  Since then the work has expanded somewhat to look at "Mystery canids" in the United States as well as wolves in Europe and for the UK there are aspects of fox life/behaviour I have not found mentioned anywhere else and these I have been looking into.

This means that there will be a second Canids book some time in 2019.

The "Nature" imprint will also be expanded to look at Wolverine as well as the UK Feral-Hybrid and Wild Cats research.

This is, of course, dependent on how my still being alive in 2019!  :-)

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

" impressive body of work"

When I got an email from someone at the J. Allen Hynek Centre for UFO Studies about my book UFO Contact? I must admit that I was not expecting what I read.

I am waiting to see whether I can name the person (a well known member of CUFOS) and use the quote but here is the edited quote:

"I’ve been browsing through it and find it to be an impressive body of work. I appreciate your lively writing, use of original sources as much as possible, and forceful opinions about the cases, investigators, etc. And I concur with your evaluations of cases that have been pushed aside, such as Kelly, or Pascagoula."

So the book is being well received.  I just now have to sell copies!  :-)

Terry Hooper-Scharf
530 pages
illustrated with maps, photographs and more
A4 format
Price: £25.00 (excl. VAT)
Prints in 3-5 business days

Since 1947 it has been claimed that UFOs/flying saucers are evidence of aliens visiting the Earth.  Since the 1950s claims of encounters with landed craft and alien beings were talked about but not taken seriously.

In the 1960s the subject of UFO abduction was a "slow-burner" until the whole "Grey" abduction phenomenon and claims made by researchers such as Budd Hopkins, Prof. John Mack and Dr David Jacobs and Whitley Streiber.

But is there evidence to back up any of the claims -and what about those encountering Alien Entities but who were not abducted? 

Are these people all hoaxers, psychotic or suffering from some other mental illness as some claim?

Are those people who were exposed by Ufologists against their wishes, people who wanted to report what happened and then just get back to their everyday lives -thrust into the media glare against their will?

And if US authorities were so interested that in one case at least they broke into the home of two abductees and this was later proven -why?

Why did a hard core of these people never want publicity or to make money from what happened to them? 

Above all, why did a major UFO landing incident take place on a US Inbterstate road in front of a large number of observers (all willing to talk to investigators) never get investigated? If it were not for a radio presenter interviewing and taking notes we would know nothing of the case -it would be labelled "insubstantial".

James and Coral Lorensen -the Scopolamine Kids; using a very notorious "truth drug" on alleged UFO witnesses and selling stories to newspapers.  An investigator (a veteran) showing a witness images of "aliens" encountered in other cases before any memories were retrieved.  Worst of all, the constant "pissing competition" and breaches of trust between UFO investigators.

2017 is the time to assess the past evidence and look at the faults within Ufology.

Not everyone is going to be happy -debunkers or ufologists.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The following books have been deleted

The following books have been deleted from the online store:

Some Things Strange & Sinister

Some More Things Strange & Sinister

Pursuing The Strange & Weird

Books that do not sell are not worth seeing on a daily basis and getting depressed over.