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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Co-creation of the "alien abduction phenomenon" -facts

Meanwhile....a Killer Strikes!

As I opened the back door to say "Good morning" to Bella the semi-feral cat and give her some food I noticed two small, downy feathers on her food plate.  They were obviously from a pigeon and not the kind of feathers they lose easily.

Bella followed me as I took nuts to the feeder on the buddleja tree.  I noticed more feathers. I know that she has stalked and even killed one pigeon -she dragged its carcass into a neighbour's house.  I know she kills mice.  So I turned to tell her off but then noticed something.

No blood and the feathers seemed to have been plucked....I then noticed, about 5 feet (1.5m) away...another patch of feathers.

I looked around but no pigeon carcass.
If you look at the photo below -to the left of the black planter you will see on patch of feathers. To the right and rear by the fence you can see another patch.

Immediately I turned to Bella and apologised.  I have seen this all before. Strike. Kill, Pluck. Carcass moved 1-2m and then job finished.


I have posted photos of this before -including ones with the sparrowhawk at work.  There were two females and a male last year and they took a few birds. Took between 45-60 minutes for one hawk to break up and eat most of a full grown pigeon.  So where is today's carcass?

I had not heard or seen it before but last year I saw the female sparrowhawk fly off from the front garden and then come back, grab the carcass and fly off with it.  I then saw her (mature female as opposed to juv. female hawk) do the same with a kill she made in the back garden.  I saw the hawk do the same thing with the pigeon it had killed on the pathway by the front gate -there the kill was made and the patch of feathers about 3-4m from the gate.  The hawk then picked up the pigeon and flew into a corner of the gateway to finish her meal.  And then flew off with the carcass.

I looked up, in a few books, how these hawks eat -I have over 19 species of bird and all sorts of mammals come into the garden but I am a Felid and Canid man so I needed to check.  No one mentions hawks carrying off the carcass.

Now I have been woken at 0400 on a summer's day to find up to thirty magpies cawing and surrounded a sparrowhawk pressed flat on the ground as they dived at it.  On that occasion I intervened and the hawk made good on its getaway.  I have even seen the sparrowhawk on my fence with a magpie either side of it and harrassing it.  It happens.

I have seen an adult sparrowhawk (male) actually enter my hedges to chase out sparrows. Actually going into the hedges.  Never seen or heard of that behaviour other than here.  The thing is that the hawk was "playing".  It was now hungry or hunting but on several occasions I watched as it was just playing at scaring birds.

Now I know I mentioned that when I was sad enough to possess a ponytail (just up the road from where I live now) whenever I was working in the garden a sparrowhawk would shoot around the corner of the house, flip my ponytail and then shoot around the furthest corner of the house and was gone.  This happened five times and I just looked around because something had grabbed and flipped my ponytail!!!  It was only when I decided to garden but with the house in my peripheral vision that I saw it was a sparrowhawk to blame. Around the corner, grab and flip and around the other corner -3-4 seconds.  I stared and thought "Wow,. That is why I never saw what was doing it!"

But Bella is innocent for once: "It was the bird wot dunnit!"

Well, You Ought Never Talk To Ufologists

I made the error last night of going onto a "by invitation only" UFO page to ask about (AGAIN) cooperation on a project.

I was greeted by the first post on what is, basically, a manic collectors of old UFO publication scans club.  It explained that UFO conferences were a waste of time because they were all filled with egotists, sensationalists and people seeking TV time.  Also every -every- UFO sighting was explainable as psychological, hoax or misidentification and it was clearly stated by this well known ufologist that no one credible believe in the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis or other explanation for UFO origins.  Basically "It's all crap!"

The question is why, if all of these 'elite' ufologists think this, why are they still in ufology? Ego is the obvious answer because a lot of ego polishing goes on. They all seem to largely investigate via news clippings and snatch and grab what ever publication scans they can -even publications in languages they do not understand and ingratitude seems to be given and accepted.

It was also troubling to learn of group members who were going to go to events and promised to report on who did or said what.

I had this impression that I was at a private British girls school in the 1950s. Gossip. Bitch and more.

These people need to either get out and really investigate or produce papers that their peers can review.  Or just leave ufology and become yet another UFOfan.

If you look at it that every case is rot -even if the witness proves credible then, well, he 'obviously' is not credible because he made the report!  I am not joking.  I have seen a few comments by group members and two at least have asked me for extra details on cases that were scientifically nonsense.

1)  after the UFO (alleged) swooped in and abducted the witness a mile from his home was tyre wear on his vehicle checked?

The percipient (there is a difference between "witness" and "percipient") stops and gets OUT of his car and the abduction takes place.  He then wakens to find himself in the car at the very same spot. What tyre wear??

2) after the alleged abduction was the car fuel level checked?

Same answer.

3) Had the alleged witness watched the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

That was a 1977 movie and, believe it or not, not everyone has seen the movie.  I personally know of ten people who are into UFOs that have not seen the movie.  Also, the percipient says he hates sci fi and most of his free time is consumed with a hobby.  To which I could add that this percipient's encounter is absolutely nothing like anything shown in the movie.

Response?  "Well we only have his word on that"

These people search no research function.  They are hobbyists at best and negative ones to boot. When you read that these people think UFO research is pointless then you know suggesting joint research is pointless...I've been shot down a few times by members in the past on this.

Now a while back I suggested to the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) that they contribute to the CE3K project.  Nothing.  I asked whether, for research, I could get a copy of their Vehicle Interference Report and I could send cases they might not have listed. Took a while to get a reply...I can buy the report for £19.99.

I really do give up.  I think my statement that you achieve more from private research and then publishing your work for peer review was spot on.  But what "peers"?

It seems the banker with a strong interest in ufology  is not out there to back research. In fact, UFO groups do seem to like to "talk the talk" and pull in the money but actually doing research?  No. And you just know any money man is likely to be pulled in and fooled by the "scientific stance" of these people.

I almost give in.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Is UFO Research Dead?

I previously posted an item on how Mack, Hopkins and Jacobs got things messed up.  I later went into more detail of how Jacobs was, based on what I had learnt, corrupting research and abandoning the Scientific Principles he claimed to hold to.  I expanded on this in UFO Contact? and today I accidentally found an old The UFO Trail blog post that confirmed what I thought:


I also, on this blog as well as in Unidentified-Identified remarked on the fact that in the United States you were far less likely to have even a major report taken seriously if your "hair was not straight enough". In other words there was rife racism and it was being glossed over and covered up.  We had problems in the UK in the 1970s but this was minor in comparison.

I refer to the Eupora, Mississippi multi-witness landing of an object in the middle of a US Highway, a CE3K and another object hovered close by.  The two 'investigators' stuck their nose into the Pascagoula case (white percipients) and a UFO report by a (white) celebrity and a couple other cases. Yet a multi witness case involving black people on their own doorstep -and despite the best efforts of Ted Bloecher at the time- went uninvestigated.  MUFON open a cold case?

Well, firstly, insulting response to my polite suggestion was one thing. The fact that MUFON wanted me -in the UK- to find and contact the witnesses in Mississippi and IF I could get them to contact MUFON and IF they filled in a report form officially then MUFON "might look at considering the case" oh, but it was sooooooooo long ago in 1973.  Wonderful how MUFON can look at 1960s and 1970s cases when TV is involved.

Read this:

And it goes on. Good MUFON investigators have left:


Go visit MUFONs website -its okay you never took the wrong term to "merchandise" because whatever page you go to you get pop-ups to promote books and other things.

It is safe to say that MUFON ceased to be a serious scientific organisation long ago. Ufology is a mess in the United States -it is a mess in the UK where hoaxing and fake report planting means nothing after 1977 can be trusted unless others can vouch for witnesses being real.

Jacobs has lost it and his research is no longer of any value or interest.

Serious ufo researchers need to step forward and speak up and start publishing research results!

Friday, 19 October 2018

And As To The More "Mundane"

It's all well and good writing about UFOs, the paranormal and so forth, however, a naturalist still has to do what a naturalist has to do.

Note that vicious black wild cat has been killing mice in the garden and even a pigeon.

Note hedgehogs getting larger as they feed for the winter by returning to the food put out for them throughout the night -seems to be a shortage of hedgies usual insect food due to heatwave and lack of rain this year.

Fewer gall wasp eggs on oak tree.

Inspect fox scat outside back door.  Be wary of fierce wild cat.
Scat looks okay and I know now that the foxes have been fed by others and are not (sadly) that wary of people and they should be.  They are wild canids not pets.
Avoid "cute trap" set by fierce wild cat.
Hedgehog poop by door.  They are so 'grateful' for the food.  :-)  Healthy enough and I should think so seeing that they eat good food while bashing the dish into the gloass door pane!
Generally people report "black stuff like tar pellets" -hedgehog poop.  I had one neighbour who almost came to blows with another neighbour.  He insisted the neighbour was throwing bits of "tar" into his garden.  He pointed out a piece to me. "Not tar?  Well I still don't like that *****!"

Oh, humanity.

hmm. Also checked some vomit but it was full of grass -so cat and no visible parasites. 

Checked bird droppings to see what they had been eating this summer.  Inspected the garden spiders' webs -loaded with tiny flies so spiders doing fine.

Wasps still coming around looking for protein and taking off bits of food left by cats and hedgies -it really is surrealistic watching a wasp fly off with a chunk of chicken almost half its own size -and I have a lousy camera!

Squirrels eating and burying food -one for four hours the other day!  Mediated in the two cats and squirrel dispute.

Owls heard loudly for the first time in a few years last week.  Mice and shrews so no wonder they are back in the gardens.

Rooks, crows, jackdaws and pigeons, wood pigeons, collared doves (young new pair) getting food. Smaller bird species eating well including robin, great and blue tits, dunnocks and house sparrows.

Only thing really depressing is my bank account.

Ahh, you gotta love poop inspection first thing in the morning!

Ufology and the Paranormal -are you a hobbyist or serious?

Zdzislaw Beksinski (1929–2005)

There is a story I tell in one of my books about a knock on my door in the early hours of the morning and two police officers telling me "We think 'something' has landed!"  I was driven to a park, in the centre of Bristol (Eastville Park) and was met by a senior officer and a couple other policemen,  They pointed out where "it" and "they" were.  "Better go check it out then" I said and started walking before realizing that no one else was with me.  I turned and was told that this was my job not theirs.

The rest of the story is irrelevant since, after all, I am still here.  The point of mentioning this is quite simple; the police were correct.  It was my job because that is what you would expect from a ufologist and at that time I called myself a ufologist (it was the late 1970s and I was young!).  However, over the years I have told this story to a few ufologists and without a moment of hesitation each and every one of them responded "You wouldn't catch me doing that!"  

My response was to look at these "truth seekers" and ask: "Then what the ---- are you in ufology for?"  In 1975, a ufologist would not venture into a wooded area where a UFO had landed -seen first by his wife then he and his father.  What did the intrepid ufologist do? He sent daddy to check it out.  He got out of ufology soon after.

In 1978 I was in a car being driven by APRO's UK representative Gary Green. Not quite within the speed limit, some sharp turns and a near collision with a bus on a hill while pursuing a large bright light.

Around the same time I was in Yanley Quarry in Somerset -the largest in Europe and climbing up a huge rock conveyor to inspect the top for any damage where a "mini UFO" had struck it. 100 feet in the air is not the place for someone who does not like heights.  There was a younger ufologist with me but "I am not climbing all the way up there!" was the deciding factor in who went.

At Cradle Hill in Warminster, around 30 "truth seekers" tried to call myself and Franklyn Davin-Wilson back as we moved toward a "strange light" at the copse.  We ignored them.

At a British Flying Saucer Bureau skywatch everyone kept glancing at a grey, lone figure that was seen at the far end of a field.  I asked who it was and in hushed tones I was told that it was probably "the watcher" -a mysterious figure seen at skywatches but no one dared approach "him" -the consequences could be dire!  So I snuck out of the field and around hedgerows in the starlight and came face-to-face with this mysterious figure.

In one non-UFO related incident on a cold, foggy night I did almost give in and seek refuge in my house.  However, I called myself some very strong names and opened the high gate I was hiding behind to confront "the Devil of Downend"!

The point is this: if you read all the reports, do the investigating and pronounce the "reality" of whatever and become "the expert" often quoted in news items, TV shows and podcasts -and the money and status of being an author on the subject then you better be damn well prepared to step forward when confronting a phenomena.

That does not, obviously, mean putting yourself in obvious danger -you see a puma in the UK you do not try to rugby-tackle it to the ground.  If you see a ball of energy you do not touch it (that would be akin to standing in a bowl of water and touching a live electric wire). But you observe, photograph if you can, make notes -hopefully you have a pocket compass in the latter case to see if it is affected by the object in question.

If you see what appears to be a solid constructed craft and it lands nearby then, yes, if no one is with you write a quick note before setting out, try to film or photograph what you see but the idea of closing the door and pulling the curtains together and hiding.

Perhaps 95% of those press and TV publicity loving truth-seekers are in the subject -whether UFOs, Sasquatch, non native cats, the 'paranormal' and so on- for just that.  They do not do any research but constantly copy and paste to their pages or authoritatively give 'facts' and statistics that someone else has come up with.  More time is spent showing off their "technical gear" because "it's all scientific now.  We investigate as thoroughly as the police!" (I'll make no comment about crime statistics).

There are some very interesting developments in "ghost hunting" technical gear that I am looking into but when it comes down to it and you ignore all the sensationalist trash TV, books and magazine items no one has been killed by either aliens or ghosts. I have watched any number of these "serious paranormal investigators" run screaming when they hear a sound or are 'touched' by a "presence".

Firstly, you are in old buildings with timber frames, joists, etc, then you will get creaking stars, floorboards and other noises.  Strange knocking noises or scratching sounds do not mean a "presence".  I have heard 'mystery' sounds claimed to be unidentified by these people on their videos. On one occasion, with the volume turned up, someone peeked around my doorway (a living person) and said "Is that you playing the fox calls?".  I have heard owls, foxes, cats and other natural sounds called 'unexplained' -I do wonder whether these people have ever really been outside at night before?

Again, you are trying to 'prove' something with all of this but why run if you believe you are about to encounter the very thing you are looking for?

Just say "This is my hobby" and get the hell out of the way and let real investigators and/or researchers do the work.  Collect postage stamps to feel safe.  I have been in the situation where something -in a totally unexpected place and during daylight- made the hairs on my steck stand up and, being honest, scare the crap out of me.  I looked around but saw nothing.  No electricity junction boxes, wiring or anything else that might give off electro-magnetic or any other energy that might cause the feeling.  I was standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs with sunlight pouring in but I felt almost uncontrollable fear.  I did not run; I turned and walked slowly backwards up the stairs while still looking around.  What was it did this?  No idea.  If it was a house I lived in I would get people together and try to find out what was going on -it was someone else's home and they experienced the same thing as had others.

Almost thirty years later I can still describe myself as "extremely pissed off" because I do not back away from anything and I really wanted to find out what had this effect on me. I have theories but cannot prove any of them.  But, I point out again, despite the fear being almost overpowering I did not turn and run.

There used to be a rule that you had to train someone to prepare them for paranormal research -there are many references to people having breakdowns and worse because they just were not prepared when it came to confronting phenomena such as "hauntings" and I think the same is true with ufology.  Reading about aliens and abductions is all well and good but how will you react when you are alone and see a "UFO"?

It comes to the landed craft I have my plan of action. I'll give you an example of how dealing with UFOs can affect you.

Back in 1976 I was compiling the Close Encounters of the Third Kind file. No one else in the UK was bothering.  One day a fellow in the UFO group I ran decided that he wanted to "get in" on the project.  He was given a batch of magazines to look through and record the CE3K cases.  A week later he was less enthusiastic.  It seems that he had this dream of being isolated in some sort of barn or brick building and he was hiding after a UFO landed and watched in terror as short, large-headed entities searched around, presumably for him. Later another person jumped in, no knowledge of the other person or his dream and reported to me almost the same dream.

What was going on?  Well, it is psychological. Most ufologists back in the 1970s/180s were quite happy to talk about lights in the sky or large objects moving through the air or even landing. However, most had seriously never considered there were life forms within let alone found themselves looking through lots of reports of entities, encounters and abductions. It literally punched at the person's sense of known reality and world view. They all packed in and went back to simple UFOs after that.

Another had a similar dream.  It was so vivid that he convinced himself that he must have had some type of experienced that was wiped from his mind. I explained that this type of dream was quite normal but he was unconvinced.  Two weeks later he packed in working on the project as it was "too much" but was no longer convinced he had some kind of encounter -the details were from one of the first reports he had read through quickly and not paid much conscious attention to.

Some people see an odd light at night they cannot quickly identify they panic; "Last thing I wanted was to get abducted!"

After 40+ years I have my plan if I ever had a Close encounter of the Third Kind. Yes, I truly expect it to be scary but there is no point screaming, running or begging to be left alone. I cannot say what might happen -for a start would any alien be up to discussing things? I do know that after decades of this work, turning and running is not the option -that is not being brave but pragmatic. 

This has never been a hobby for me. 

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Ufology -fakery and stupidity

I feel that this post is as important to get across on this blog as it is on the CE3K/AE blog.

These blogs are, as always, just thoughts that come to mind.  I am not aiming my remarks at serious researchers of UFOs.  I always welcome contact from them -we are a rare breed after all.  Bare that in mind when reading this.

I was not surprised to find that a number of CE3K/AE cases from the United States have turned out to be hoaxes perpetrated by ufologists.  I am aware of a very strong rumour that certain American debunkers -not sceptics who look at the evidence but people who debunk, probably out of fear- have "seeded" one or two fake cases to draw in ufologists who can then be humiliated for having fallen for "an obvious and deliberate hoax".

In the UK it has been known that at least on TV company has had plans, with debunkers, to carry out a similar hoax.

Let me make it very clear that none of this is backed by the governments of the United Kingdom or the United states.  This comes from an idea by debunkers (who are people just scared of the possibility of what the phenomenon means) and TV people who do not give a damn so long as it is “sexy TV”.

Why call yourself a “ufologist” is you are sceptical to the point of simply debunking? Get out of the subject if it is all fake or admit that you are in it to make money and for the publicity.

The state ufology has been in goes back to before the 1990s. I heard and read of Max Burns and his search for evidence that an RAF Tornado crashed in 1997 –the initial report of a “flying triangle” UFO has become…not even a side issue.  RAF aircraft have crashed over the years.  It happens.  What I was ‘slightly’ surprised at is how so called prominent British ufologists behaved.  If you read the following, printed in full on a number of blogs, wait until you reach the “Stage 7: Hoaxing to Orders” part. If that does not change your mind about British ufology then your reality check must be a Dr Who story.

How does all of this affect the CE3K/AE project you ask –or I hope you do.  Since the 1970s I kept all correspondence with ufologists, prominent or otherwise.  I also kept files on these people and their groups. Almost 40 years of background information and it is what led me to shun ufology.

The 1978 Frodsham “Cow-measuring” report I had up-dated and then received two emails (“Truthseeker47” and “The Frod-sham-man”) the first in 2015 simply said: “Regarding the Frodsham cow case. I hear you are looking into it.  You will get nowhere.  It never happened”.  No response from the emailer later.  The other email was three months ago: “I see you mentioned the Frodsham case.  Why?! Don’t you know it was a hoax?” Again, no response when I emailed back.

In that The Usual Suspects: Anatomy of a Disinformation Campaign in Ufology Andy Roberts admitted that he and other ufologists had “seeded” fake reports since the 1980s.  My information is that this started much earlier.  I do not care about ufologists or their petty arguments.  There is only one thing I am interested in and that is the information and data.  Unless others have spoken to certain witnesses/percipients then I need to add a very large question mark to many cases from the late 1970s on.

Berwyn Mountains UFO crash.

But it is not just the UK and US.  There are three Spanish CE3K cases from 1966/1967 that are still being quoted and used as ‘evidence’ despite my attempts over 6 years to get people to understand they are hoaxes –but that means giving up “good cases”?!  In Spain these cases were known to be hoaxes in the 1960s but Vallee and company continue to use them.  Oddly, one of the cases was unknown to Spanish investigators who would not name the ufologist responsible for the hoaxing. I think that unknown report and the source reveals who did what.  You see, a big light in the sky is ‘proof’ of extraterrestrials but the known source of hoax reports…well, “concrete evidence” is apparently not available.

At times I almost give in.

We have organisations promoting themselves as scientific truth seekers but are only interested in money and publicity.  Their organisation heads switch and change beliefs dependent on what prominent paying members are pushing –abductions, orbs –whatever.  Investigators are asked to change reports to fit in with the current money-making trend (shades of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation and the scandal that rocked them) while senior members seem to go unpunished over open racist remarks.

There is the “it ain’t gonna make us money so screw you” attitude hidden behind a statement that when used by the United States Air Force saw them vilified: “The case was too long to open an investigation at this date”.  But if I investigate and discover a great case I can hand it over to them (TV beckons).

This is why Science will not take ufology seriously. Ufology constantly jumps and shifts to whatever trend is “hot” –and makes money.  Sensationalise reports and jump deep into some fantasy about mysterious intelligences behind orbs and then indignantly pout and scowl at the camera and growl: “Science will not take us seriously!”

There is a reason for there being peer review in science.  Others can test your theories and data and will either say “The claim is correct” or “We have some doubts on this aspect –can you clarify?”

This is why I say that Ted Philips’ trace case evidence should be widely available; it needs peer reviewing to make its case.

J. Allen Hynek, who was a trained astronomer and who served as a scientific advisor for Project Blue Book, was initially skeptical of UFO reports, but eventually came to the conclusion that many of them could not be satisfactorily explained and was highly critical of what he described as "the cavalier disregard by Project Blue Book of the principles of scientific investigation."
Hynek, J. Allen (1972). The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry.

One could legitimately write "the cavalier disregard by Ufology of the principles of scientific investigation." It would be very accurate.

I am not attacking serious ufologists.  I am quite sure that there are some out there but at times they must look around and ask “Am I the only one being serious?”  I do wonder that some times but….

I see that a case I investigated and presented evidence on (see Unidentified – Identified for the details) –the 1987 or was it 1988(?) Nottinghamshire UFO crash is now being presented as a proven even and is so full of fantasy and fiction that watching a video presentation on the case I had to triple check it was the same incident.  No house was “partially demolished” by the way.

“Flying saucer” reports are not dropping in number.  They were never as frequent as bad ufology reported.  And “Orb sightings are taking over from flying saucer reports” is such a false statement that it shows bad ufology at work: these “orbs” were always counted as “UFOs”/flying saucers in the past but ufologists did their investigations from armchairs and via newsclippings.  Now, of course, as MUFON will tell you, “Orbs are just so de rigueur”

Checking, double-checking and triple checking CE3K/AE accounts is proving the rarity of these incidents.  Sadly, Mexico and South America I cannot even begin to touch on because there has been so much fakery, sensationalism and lack of real investigation in the past; some cases plain do not exist and others –still included in ufology despite having been proven hoaxes decades ago.

This is now a millennial hobby.  Why leave your room –copy and paste what someone else copy and pasted from the fella who copied and pasted it before him.  Oh, add the odd detail that does not exist in the original source because you know that your audience does not read serious books…or books in general unless they are sensationalist trash.  I have, on a number of occasions, asked blogging ufologists for the page number of an item they quoted or even the source quoted (and we are talking about some very prominent ufologists as well).  They could only give me “Oh, I took the report from such-and-such a site” or even “I’ve never seen the book but if you find out more info let me know!”

Seriously.  Ahem.  In June 1957 J. P. Herraerd of AntwerpBelgium was abducted from a public park by what he could only describe as “2.5 metre tall red coloured cucumbers with four tentacles as arms.  Lacheln.

In 2019 I intend to start publishing the AOP Journal again. No arguments on if a plane crashed or who faked what.  Pure investigation and research reports and these would not be published until, as with scientific journals, material has been checked beforehand.  No later confessions of “Oh, that was my thought on the matter not a quoted source/fact”.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Six commercial aircraft register a UFO sighting in Chile

"Three lights appear, we have no reported traffic and we do not know what it is", one of the pilots is heard to say. The incident was documented by the Committee of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena. Unidentified flying objects in the northern sky of Chile, in an image of the Committee of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA).

Unidentified flying objects in Chile

 CEFAA The pilots of at least six commercial aircraft - five from Lan Chile and one from Copa - claimed to have witnessed a series of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the skies of northern Chile , a fact that was reported and documented by the Phenomena Committee Aerial anomalous (Cefaa). 

The organism published on YouTube an audio that narrates the impression that some of the pilots who crossed the sky of the city of Antofagasta had on May 7, 1,364 kilometers north of Santiago, and published by the newspaper La Estrella . 

A pilot of the flight COPA 174, begins to narrate with emphasis "that at the height of the post Livor [a control post that is located in the sky, about 380 kilometers from the coast of Antofagasta] appear three lights". "We have not reported traffic and we do not know what it is", he warns, to point out almost immediately: "At the moment a light disappeared". 

Almost at the same time, the voice of a pilot from Lan 639, is contacted with the control tower. "Position, down, apparently over the sea," he says, trying to identify what is there. In turn, the pilot of Lan 2473 responds that there is a light. Another voice that is heard with impetus and that comes from the Lan 79, anticipates that it also observes the bright light. "At sea level, a very small light appears and disappears," he adds.

 "What a strange phenomenon" 

" The Cup driver reappears strongly in the audio to comment that three lights are visible to the left of his position. "The lights are moving and they increase the intensity and decrease it too, in fact we are going to turn to the right because they seem to be getting closer," he warns. 

A pilot from another Lan, the 501, confirms that he observed the light, a fact that immediately tells the audio of the other pilots. The Cup pilot says: "What a strange phenomenon, now we have three lights in the shape of a triangle." The Lan 577 placed the lights about 60 miles from Livor. "It could be about 2,000 feet below and distance about 20 or 30 miles," you hear.

 In total there were six ships that reported the strange movement of lights and, according to a voice that would come from the Oceanic Control Center of Santiago, in communication with the Air Operations Command, one of the aircraft even deviated -apparently for safety- 30 miles. 

Until now, the Cefaa, belonging to the Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC), and that 20 years ago was the first official agency to recognize the detection in its radars of a "strange intruder in the airspace", without being able to identify it , you have not delivered a report. Neither has the Ovniological Research Group of Chile (AION) been manifested. 

Chile is considered the fifth country in the world with the highest number of UFO sightings, after the United States, Peru, Brazil and Russia.

 In this country, especially in the northern region, over the last 65 years, more than 600 sightings have been verified , and this area has been the scene of even reports of the so-called "third type" (supposedly visual contact with "extraterrestrials"). . 

Experts say that 60 million people in the world have already witnessed UFO sightings, although out of fear of ridicule, only 10% of these experiences are reported. However, the experts who run the program called Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI, in English), started 18 years ago, and whose main mission is to capture radio signals from our galaxy, have never received any sign of intelligent life.

Ver más en: https://www.20minutos.es/noticia/3462299/0/ovnis-chile-avistamiento-simultaneo-aviones/#xtor=AD-15&xts=467263

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Search for three teenagers involved in 1978 UFO incident in Devon

Can't say I am too happy that the inference of alcohol was put into the item but that is the press.

Search for three teenagers involved in 1978 UFO incident in Devon
The trio had left a youth club in Buckfastleigh
By Max Channon

A UFO researcher wants to contact a trio of teenagers who reported a close encounter of the third kind in Devon 40 years ago this month.

Terry Hooper-Scharf, a naturalist and historian who runs the Anomalous Observational Phenomena Facebook Page, says the youngsters, who will now all be in their 50s, reported seeing a number of UFOs in the sky after leaving a youth club in Buckfastleigh - the Devon market town famous for producing the notoriously potent Buckfast Tonic Wine.

The three friends also reported seeing 'unidentified figures' on three occasions - and were said to have been left traumatised by the experience.

Terry said: "On the 3 October, 1978, three teenagers left a youth club in Buckfastleigh, Devon. The trio were given pseudonyms at the time of Shirley, Mark and Paul.

"Investigation procedures at the time as well as protocol on dealing with witnesses were not what they are today.

"We know that the trio observed a number of unidentified objects in the sky above the village and some unidentified figures on three occasions.

"We might normally be cautious but a retired gentleman named Harry observed the objects himself after the nervous trio knocked on his door – his cats also behaved oddly.

"The teens were traumatised and the girl identified as Shirley was said to have been most affected.

"1978 seems a very long time ago now but I am trying to locate the teens and gather as much information about observations that evening as I can.

"If they read this, or any family members do, then please get in touch.

"I cannot over-emphasise that I deal with witnesses in the strictest confidence and have done so for over 40 years.

"My interest is purely for research and so I hope that the trio will consider getting in touch with me.

"I can be contacted via email at aopbureau@yahoo.co.uk or blackto@hotmail.com or via Face Book Messenger – Anomalous Observational Phenomena page."

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Physical Traces Associated With UFO Sightings -I Know There Must Be Some:WHEN Do WE Get To See It?

Ted Phillips and soil samples from the 1979 documentary UFOs Are Real.
It has been some time since I read Ted Phillips' book of UFO Trace Evidence cases.

There are problems such as cases of what might be a form of natural phenomena -perhaps even ball lightning (1490 AD, Ireland).  The 1663 Robozero, Russia case is one that made me sit up when I first read it. Then we have the 1790 Alencon, France hoax -which I have exposed as such yet is still included in ufological works "because Jacques Vallee has quoted it" (Vallee even included at least two other hoaxes that I can prove (and they were widely known as such before he included them).

Here is the biggest problem;

(1) "Date unknown" (but 19th century?)

(2)  including incidents from the 1880s/1890s airship sightings -Dr Geoffrey Doel, before me, showed that these were airships not extraterrestrial craft.

(3)  A 40 feet (12m) wide "circular" patch where nothing grows (US date unknown).

(4)  A loud bang and rocks thrown up into the air -no sighting of any object but the location had a roughly 18 ft circular pattern (July 1880, Canada)

(5)  1909 Caerphilly Mts airship incident

(6)  anecdotal (at best) account from the descendents of people who allegedly saw something in the 1800s.

(7)   notes from UFO publications that were never followed up  -because they could not be.

(8)   the Scandinavian "ghost rockets" was no real mystery and has been dealt with and explained so many times -including by scientists

The first 34 listings should be ignored even if there are a couple that are of interest such as Robozero (not as an extraterrestrial craft, though).  There are good reasons to dismiss those cases:

1.  Most, including 1948, are far too old to investigate.  Even if a witness to a 1948 incident was alive there is:

2.  No physical trace evidence.  If there is then I fully apologise and would like to see this evidence.

Ted Phillips' map of 150 UFO landing sites filed in 1979 (sorry -screen shot)

Looking at 1-34 in the catalogue any scientist with interest in the subject is simply going to shrug and put the book down and only a few might continue. If they did they might give up as the Schirmer CE3K at Ashland, Nebraska is included and that seems to generally be seen as a hoax.  "What looked like fresh oil on the road"/ "A footprint was found".   Basically, these are news snippets from UFO publications and some of those I have found were not too hot on actual facts.  Even if Phillips corresponded with the publications all he might get -if lucky- is a photograph of flattened grass or a hole.

From the year 1950 on is a better date to start -some might even say 1960.  You need to find reports with definite and clear evidence of physical traces.  If there are photographs -cameras could be a rare thing even up until the late 1980s due to cost so if anyone took photos you would be lucky.  Physical evidence in the form of material would be interesting.

Physical Traces Associated With UFO Sightings was published in 1975 so the fact that so many known hoaxes and misinterpretations are included shows just how bad ufology was and is in sharing evidence.  The statistics at the back of the paper are....useless,  You cannot offer a breakdown in percentage, etc., and expect it to have any meaning because of bad data.  As with a computer -you Input bad data the Output is bad data.

If this is the basis of the 4000 reports Phillips claims to have then it is a problem.  I have seen him on TV shows where his files are shown and I have asked UFO groups and individuals if they know of  an update or report concentrating on the best evidence from Phillips.  Nothing.  The online website has not been updated for years.

Again, if I am wrong then I apologise but if someone can give me a publication on PTE (Physical Trace Evidence) from Phillips in the last ten years I would very much appreciate.

Is Phillips hoarding the evidence he has?  We need to see the best cases for which tests, samples and results are available.  That is what science needs to see to get it interested and if PTE from UFO landings is rare then that adds some credibility if the unknown natural phenomenon cases can be sorted from the seemingly constructed objects evidence.

I have tried contacting Phillips but no responses so I have to base things on what I have seen and to be honest the  Physical Traces Associated With UFO Sightings book leaves me very disappointed: we need to see the actual evidence from 1975 on because that is how a case can be proven.

I really hope Ted Phillips publishes the best case evidence soon because tiny lights and Czech UFO crash myths are of no real interest when it comes to proving the case.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Buckfastleigh, Devon: 1977 -witness appeal

It is a long shot but you never know...

On the 3rd October, 1978, three teenagers left a youth club in Buckfastleigh, Devon. The trio were given pseudonyms at the time of Shirley, Mark and Paul.

Investigation procedures at the time as well as protocol on dealing with witnesses were not what they are today. 

We know that the trio observed a number of unidentified objects in the sky above the village and some unidentified figures on three occasions.  We might normally be cautious but a retired gentleman named Harry observed the objects himself after the nervous trio knocked on his door –his cats also behaved oddly.

The teens were traumatised and the girl identified as Shirley was said to have been most affected.

1978 seems a very long time ago now but I am trying to locate the teens and gather as much information about observations that evening as I can.  If they read this, or any family members do, then please get in touch. I cannot over-emphasise that I deal with witnesses in the strictest confidence and have done so for over 40 years.  My interest is purely for research and so I hope that the trio will consider getting in touch with me.

I can be contacted via email at aopbureau@yahoo.co.uk or blackto@hotmail.com or via Face Book Messenger –Anomalous Observational Phenomena page.

My thanks in advance

Terry Hooper-Scharf

CE3K/AE Project

Saturday, 6 October 2018

New spy plane? You be the judge

Updated: Marley Woods and Ted Phillips -what is going on?

Let me make it very clear that if you are looking -scientifically- into the paranormal or unidentified phenomena of any type you are not a crank. If you are looking at UFOs in a scientific way you are not a crank.

However, there is a point when you can be said to have lost it.

Ted Phillips is a legend for his work on UFO physical trace evidence and I would have taken his word on anything because he had credibility.  I had to think long and hard after watching several long talks as well as hearing podcasts he has been on.

He recites the "classic" UFO trace cases of Delphos ("The Delphos Ring") and Langenburg, Saskatchewan, 1974. He has over 4,000 cases on his trace cases catalogue -photos, analysis, etc- and yet the same couple cases.  He will then go into the Skinwalker Ranch case and if you think George Knapp has given some wild versions of the same stories -Phillips goes one better.

We then come to his most recent ()decade or so?) work: Marley Woods. Odd lights, though absolutely nothing impressive filmed (it seems) just distance lights.  Tales of a very large, canid-like creature that is bullet proof and can walk on its hind legs (no, I am not getting mixed up and I am talking about Marley not Skinwalker) and a paw cast that looks wolf-like.

Cue the use of the term "portal" and the usual claims.

Now Phillips has been claiming that he believes UFOs and the paranormal are linked but also that the "flying saucers" of old have been "replaced" by orbs of various sizes and colours. He also claims that he realised one day that decades on these "little guys" (UFO entities) were described wearing the same type of clothing -their fashion had not developed.  Then it hit him that the reason the clothing may not have changed is because it is the "same day" to "them" -in other words: time travellers(21 minutes in):

Firstly, there have always been two distinct phenomena and one precedes Ufology by centuries. With today's reporting system everything and anything becomes a UFO so we cannot say there are no more "flying saucer" types being seen. I realised that there were two distinct phenomena with two days of cataloguing thousands of UFO reports in the late 1970s.

So what are people like Phillips doing?  If you study rabbits and combine that data with studies on horses you will end up with nonsense.  This is what these people are doing; combining two separate phenomena and adding in the other miscellaneous stuff like fakes and hoaxes and shrugging and saying "I give up.  this is completely beyond the laws of physics and cannot be extraterrestrial -it must be extra-dimensional!"

Now Phillips is concentrating on similar sites to Marley as well as a 'space ship'(?) embadded in a mountain in Czechia (formerly Czech republic)?

The natural thing to do is go through the catalogue and see which cases involve "orb-like" objects and which solidly constructed craft: you then have a data base for analysis on "UFOs" and the natural phenomenon.  You do not throw decades of work away and just say you think it might all be cosmic tricksters!

Phillips Physical Evidence data base has not been up-dated for years and the page for his trace group ...no responses. A few years back I defended Phillips and his work -which really should be available for public and Scientific scrutiny -especially scientists like to see some hard facts from analysis so...who is checking all this data and the last time I saw Phillips with his data files they were crammed.

In the UK Geoff Falla's Vehicle Interference Catalogue contains 900 reports -including from pilots.

That is 4000 Physical Trace cases and 900 Vehicle Interference cases.

I decided to re-appraise Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Alien Entity (CE3K/AE) reports and found large numbers of these were still being promoted as genuine despite being known as fakes/hoaxes and misinterpretations for 30-50 years.  What I did not expect, especially when I put together UFO Contact?, was to find that there are some that cannot be simply dismissed -and that was when I took into account the attempts by debunkers.  It will take a lot of work to get through thec world wide catalogue but there are "solid" cases.

We have people keeping catalogues of physiological effects and Animal Disturbance cases caused by UFOs, however, most do not want to share -it is "their" data.

But there is enough evidence and it needs to be presented and peer reviewed. THIS is what science needs and this type of material needs to be peer reviewed: that is science.

I asked previously why Phillips had not gotten involved with Bigelow, the money behind the Skinwalker ranch investigation.  It seems that Bigelow made the offer but in no way or form would Phillips be allowed to share information or discuss the work.  Bigelow told him "Information only comes in" which raises questions about what Bigelow is up to.

Refusing a good pay cheque and smart office because he believes all information should be made available, is a very big plus point on Phillips' side.

Decades on I think everyone -including Science- needs to see the trace evidence not listen to old stories of Delphos or Langenburg.

Ufology is just very depressing and unscientific

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Strange and Mysterious Beasts

Smaller format version of Mysterious & Strange Beasts
324 pages
Fully illustrated with photos, maps and illustrations
£18.00 until 15th October
Humans have always been fascinated by reports of strange and mysterious beasts prowling the Earth.  
But are they fact or fantasy? What were the mystery beasts that killed people in France during the 17th and 18th centuries? Are there Bigfoot-like creatures in the UK? What about the reports of werewolves? Are humanoid bat-like creatures flying around the United States and UK?  

Others included in this book are 
the Vampire of Niali, 
the Devil's foot-prints of Gatagon; The Supernatural Invasion: Slender-man and Black Eyed Kids Mystery Creature of the Bay of Flamanville,Things Caught on Camera –Fact and Fiction,The Bat Creatures, The Owl-man The British Pig-man and Snake-man, The Pictish Beast Shunka Warak'in –A Hyena Too Far? and many others.

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Where Am I?

In case you noticed that I am not currently posting here (you never noticed, did you) that's because I am posting regarding my current big project over at the "other" blog: