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Pursuing The Strange & Weird A Naturalist's Viewpoint


240 pp
Profusely Illustrated with photographs and illustrations
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UP DATE -From Dead Aquatic (Humanoid) Creatures, the giant squid and yet undiscovered sea creatures; submarine and ships crews encountering true leviathans. This is a fully expanded section which also refers to the so-called ‘Ningen’ sightings and video footage.

Extinct animals at sea that have been re-discovered.

The subject of Sasquatch and other mystery Hominids around the world is dealt with including a look at the “Sasquatch-killer”, Justin Smeja. Dr. Bryan Sykes and his DNA test results for TVs The Bigfoot Files as well as the controversial Erickson Project and Dr. Melba Ketchum’s even more controversial Sasquatch DNA test results.

Also included are two early French UFO entity cases that still baffle.

Ghosts, strange creatures and the Star-Child hoax. All dealt with by the naturalist and pursuer of the strange and weird

Some Things Strange & Sinister

358 pages
Photographs, illustrations, line work and maps
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After more than 30+ years as an investigator and more than forty as a naturalist,the author has opened some of the many files he has accumulated dealing with such things as..

The Terrifying Events At The Lamb Inn,The Ghosts Of All Saints Church,Dead Aquatic Creatures of Canvey Island,captured bigfoot like creatures in India -all exclusively presented for the first time and with new added research previously unseen. PLUS a vastly expanded section on Spring-heeled Jack!

Photographs,maps,line drawings and up-dated to make 358 pages looking at Things truly Strange and Sinister. Cryptozoologist,Ghost Hunter,Ufologist or Fortean: this book has something for everyone -including the just plain inquisitive!

And even drawings of the Chupacabras in the days before total fantasy took over!

Some More Things Strange & Sinister

322 pages
Illustrated throughout
Paperback: List Price:£20.00 £17.00 (excl. VAT) |You Save: 15%

Follow-up to Some Things Strange & Sinister.  For those interested in Ufology, cryptozoology, hominology, unusual natural history, ghosts and mysteries in general.

The secret history of gorillas -before they were officially 'discovered' along with exclusive lost photographs.  Wild men of Europe, the UK and US; from the bizarre to blood chilling. Hominology.

Giant snakes.  Amazons. The Giant serpent of Carthage. Girt Dog of Ennerdale.  The Beast of Gevaudan. Crocodiles in the UKSilent City of Alaska.

And much more.  Updated with extra pages and photographs.

Mysterious & Strange Beasts/Strange & Mysterious Beasts

Strange & Mysterious Beasts
Above:  cover for smaller format version

324 pp
Illustrated throughout
Paperback: £18.00 (excl. VAT)
Strange & Mysterious Beasts

Mysterious & Strange Beasts
Paperback: List Price:£20.00 £17.00 (excl. VAT) |You Save: 15%

Strange & Mysterious Beasts is the smaller format book while Mysterious & Strange Beasts is the standard larger A4 format.

IGNORE the "only ships from North America" as that is just a site message error


The Monster of the Forest of Mouliere 
The Beast of Lyonnais 
The Beast of Cevennes, Gard and Vivarais    
The Beast of Sarlat  
The Beast of Gevaudan   
British Man Beasts   
Bigfoot and Werewolves in the West Midlands  
The Strange Creature in Repton Woods 
Bigfoot Returns – To Kent!     
The Curious and Frightening Case of the Hull Werewolf     
The Gnome of Girona   
The Caponi Close Encounters and Photographs     
Return of the Shark Killing Thing –a Possible Identification  
The Dingellchough Mystery Creature
The Unidentified Corfu Sea Creature         
Strange Sea Creature Found In Persian Gulf   
The Devil of Gatagon    
The Supernatural Invasion: Slender-man and Black Eyed Kids  
The Sheep Killer of Niali    
Mystery Creature of the Bay of Flamanville 
Things Caught on Camera –Fact and Fiction  
The Bat Creatures    
The Owl-man 
The British Pig-man and Snake-man  
The Pictish Beast            
Shunka Warak'in –A Hyena Too Far? 

The Chupacabra

Alien Invasion or UFO Contact?

The most frequently asked question -after the giggling has stopped- is whether there really is an alien abduction agenda? Recognised international UFO expert Terry Hooper-Scharf who has spent over 40 years looking at all the accounts of alien encounters -Close Encounters of the Third Kind- and alleged abductions, finally pools together the facts that will give the full story.

The three books stand alone but if you are expecting debunking pure and simple you will be very surprised.

Books currently on a discounted offer!
530 pages
illustrated with maps, photographs and more
A4 format
Paperback: List Price:£20.00 £18.00 (excl. VAT) |You Save: 10%
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Since 1947 it has been claimed that UFOs/flying saucers are evidence of aliens visiting the Earth.  Since the 1950s claims of encounters with landed craft and alien beings were talked about but not taken seriously.

In the 1960s the subject of UFO abduction was a "slow-burner" until the whole "Grey" abduction phenomenon and claims made by researchers such as Budd Hopkins, Prof. John Mack and Dr David Jacobs and Whitley Streiber.

But is there evidence to back up any of the claims -and what about those encountering Alien Entities but who were not abducted?

Are these people all hoaxers, psychotic or suffering from some other mental illness as some claim?

Are those people who were exposed by Ufologists against their wishes, people who wanted to report what happened and then just get back to their everyday lives -thrust into the media glare against their will?

And if US authorities were so interested that in one case at least they broke into the home of two abductees and this was later proven -why?

Why did a hard core of these people never want publicity or to make money from what happened to them?

Above all, why did a major UFO landing incident take place on a US Inbterstate road in front of a large number of observers (all willing to talk to investigators) never get investigated? If it were not for a radio presenter interviewing and taking notes we would know nothing of the case -it would be labelled "insubstantial".

James and Coral Lorensen -the Scopolamine Kids; using a very notorious "truth drug" on alleged UFO witnesses and selling stories to newspapers.  An investigator (a veteran) showing a witness images of "aliens" encountered in other cases before any memories were retrieved.  Worst of all, the constant "pissing competition" and breaches of trust between UFO investigators.

2017 is the time to assess the past evidence and look at the faults within Ufology.

Not everyone is going to be happy -debunkers or ufologists.


Smaller format version:
Pages 530
Binding Perfect Bound
Interior Black ink &white
Weight 1.05kg
Size 18.9 x24.59cm

Second Book in the series

220 pages
perfect bound
Fully illustrated with photographs and illustrations
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The follow up to the comprehensive book "UFO Contact?"

The Author spent 1974 to 2018 specializing in the investigation and research of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (CE3K) and alien entity cases; the former involving an Unidentified Flying Object and the latter, apparently, involving none.

Previously unreported cases as well as 'lost' cases are looked at as well as the possibility that some percients suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after their encounters.

A must read for those with a serious interest in UFOs

Some of the contents:

 The Nottinghamshire UFO Crash of 1987…or 1988                                   

 The Llandrillo ‘Saucer’ and Berwyn Mountains ‘UFO’ Crash Retrieval 

 Strange Pennsylvania Entity Encounter                                                        

 UFO Abductees and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome                             

 The UFO That Landed On A US Highway                                                   

 My Encounters With The Men In Black                                                        

 A Previously Un-noted Alien Entity Type                                             
 Early 20th Century UK Close Encounters of the Third Kind                     

 Close Encounter with a Boggart                                                                      

 Some Odd and Unusual Cases                                                                       

 Rosa Lotti and the Happy Entities                                                                

 The Strange Case of the Woollaton Gnomes and the Mince-pie Martians

 What Happened on the Isle of Wight and at Felixstowe?                           

 The ‘Lost’ Belgian UFO Landing Case                                                      

 Strange Aliens from Outer Space?                                                            
 Encounter with Black Aliens and Landed UFO                               
 Preliminary UK CE3K/Alien Entity Catalogue 

Third Book in the Series

These cover everything from UFOs and Close Encounters of the Third Kind to encounters with unidentified humanoid creatures, ghosts, poltergeists, mysterious and unidentified creatures at sea, on land as well as bizarre carcasses washed ashore.  Loch Ness, Sasquatch, previously thought lost photographs of a city in the sky and others.

And if you want to concentrate solely on alleged alien abductions or encounters then UFO Contact? (receiving some praise from the Centre for UFO Studies) and the follow up, Unidentified-Identified are the books you need

Contact! Encounters With Extra Terrestrial Entities?

Format  A4
Black & white
Profusely illustrated

The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) says that we may have to wait many thousands of years before any signals sent gets a response if they are detected.

The real SETI may already have established the there is alien life –and it has been visiting Earth for at least 70 years.

Once the mass of reports of 
Close Encounters of the Third Kind and entity encounters are sifted there remains a strong core of cases that defy logical explanation and suggest that these encounters have resulted in physiological effects and post traumatic stress.

Terry Hooper-Scharf of the CE3K/AE Project has led research into these reports for over 40 years and in this work takes a look at rare or obscure reports as well as cataloguing encounters from Germany and Portugal and focuses in on correlations in the reports and how the Dandenong (Kelly Cahill) encounter could be the best case ever reported.

Have the serious investigators and researchers looking into UFOs been unearthing better evidence of extra terrestrial life and contact with humans than established SETI ?

Red Paper 1: Foxes, Wolves, Coyotes & Jackals in the UK

Looking for an Established and 

202 Pages
maps, illustrations and photographs
Price: £20.00 (excl. VAT)
Prints in 3-5 business days

The Red Paper: Canids Up-dated  edition includes section on sarcoptic mange in foxes and treatment plus a list of wildlife sanctuaries and rescue centres in the UK.

By the 1700s the British fox was on the verge of extinction and about to follow the bear and wolf having been hunted for sport for centuries. The answer was to import thousands of foxes per year for sport. But foxes kept dying out so jackals were tried. Some were caught, some escaped. Even wolves and coyote were released for hunting.

The summation of over 30 years research reveals the damnable lie of "pest control" hunting but also reveals the cruelty the animals were subject to and how private menageries as well as travelling shows helped provide the British and Irish countryside with some incredible events.

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Ultima Thule Reached...

Now let's spend money on active SETI/CETI Probes

We really need to send out in random directions several smaller probes that are equipped with signal sending and receiving gear.

New Horizons: Nasa probe survives flyby of Ultima Thule

Alice BowmanImage copyrightNASA
Image captionAlice Bowman is congratulated on the confirmation of flyby success
The US space agency's New Horizons probe has made contact with Earth to confirm its successful flyby of the icy world known as Ultima Thule.
The encounter occurred some 6.5bn km (4bn miles) away, making it the most distant ever exploration of an object in our Solar System.
New Horizons acquired gigabytes of photos and other observations during the pass.
It will now send these home over the coming months.
The radio message from the robotic craft was picked up by one of Nasa's big antennas, in Madrid, Spain.
It had taken fully six hours and eight minutes to traverse the great expanse of space between Ultima and Earth.
Controllers at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland greeted the reception of the signal with cheers and applause.
"We have a healthy spacecraft," announced Mission Operations Manager Alice Bowman. "We've just accomplished the most distant flyby."
This first radio message contained only engineering information on the status of the spacecraft, but it included confirmation that New Horizons executed its autonomous flyby observations as instructed and that the probe's onboard memory was full.
A later downlink on Tuesday will see some choice images returned to give scientists and the public a taster of what New Horizons saw through its cameras.
If there is one note of caution it is that the timing and orientation of the spacecraft had to be spot on if the probe was not to shoot pictures of empty space! As a result, there'll continue to be some anxiety until the data can be examined.
"The highest resolution images taken at closest approach required perfect pointing, almost," said Project Scientist Hal Weaver. "We think, based on everything we've seen so far, that was achieved."
Ultima image from 31 DecemberImage copyrightNASA
Image captionTaken from a few hundred thousand km: A last image on approach to the target
Ultima is in what's termed the Kuiper belt - the band of frozen material that orbits the Sun more than 2 billion km further out than the eighth of the classical planets, Neptune; and 1.5 billion km beyond even the dwarf planet Pluto which New Horizons visited in 2015.
It's estimated there are hundreds of thousands of Kuiper members like Ultima, and their frigid state almost certainly holds clues to the formation conditions of the Solar System 4.6 billion years ago.
The vast separation between New Horizons and Earth, coupled with the probe's small, 15-watt transmitter, mean data rates are glacial, however.
They top out at 1 kilobit per second. To retrieve all of the imagery stored on the probe is therefore expected to take until September 2020.
New Horizons profile
Distance to UT

What's so special about the Kuiper belt?

Several factors make Ultima Thule, and the domain in which it moves, so interesting to scientists.
One is that the Sun is so dim in this region that temperatures are down near 30-40 degrees above absolute zero. As a result, chemical reactions have essentially stalled. This means Ultima is in such a deep freeze that it is probably perfectly preserved in the state in which it formed.
Another factor is that Ultima is small (about 30km across), and this means it doesn't have the type of "geological engine" that in larger objects will rework their composition.
And a third factor is just the nature of the environment. It's very sedate in the Kuiper belt.
Unlike in the inner Solar System, there are probably very few collisions between objects. The Kuiper belt hasn't been stirred up.
New Horizons' chief scientist Alan Stern says: "Everything that we're going to learn about Ultima - from its composition to its geology, to how it was originally assembled, whether it has satellites and an atmosphere, and that kind of thing - is going to teach us about the original formation conditions in the Solar System that all the other objects we've gone out and orbited, flown by and landed on can't tell us because they're either large and evolve, or they are warm. Ultima is unique."
Media captionWhere is Ultima Thule? BBC Science Editor David Shukman explains

What does New Horizons do next?

First, the scientists must work on the Ultima data, but they will also ask Nasa to fund a further extension to the mission.
The hope is that the course of the spacecraft can be altered slightly to visit at least one more Kuiper belt object sometime in the next decade.
New Horizons should have just enough fuel reserves to be able to do this. Critically, it should also have sufficient electrical reserves to keep operating its instruments into the 2030s.
The longevity of New Horizon's plutonium battery may even allow it to record its exit from the Solar System.
The two 1970s Voyager missions have both now left the heliosphere - the bubble of gas blown off our Sun (one definition of the Solar System's domain). Voyager 2 only recently did it, in November.
And in case you were wondering, New Horizons will never match the Voyagers in terms of distance travelled from Earth. Although New Horizons was the fastest spacecraft ever launched in 2006, it continues to lose ground to the older missions. The reason: the Voyagers got a gravitational speed boost when they passed the outer planets. Voyager-1 is now moving at almost 17km/s; New Horizons is moving at 14km/s.
Presentational grey line
The BBC's Sky At Night programme will broadcast a special episode on the flyby on Sunday 13 January on BBC Four at 22:30 GMT. Presenter Chris Lintott will review the event and discuss some of the new science to emerge from the encounter with the New Horizons team.