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Thursday, 13 May 2021

Harry Reid And His AATIP Letter: The Mystery Deepens

#32【MEDIUM】 Terrifying Haunted House (Part 1/2) - Ghost Caught on Camera

Australia Take Note -use your brains and common sense; Use NATURAL Predators for Rats, Mice and Rabbits

 Considering Australia is known as "The Red Continent" because of its animal rights issues and the many cruel and inhumane methods it uses -flame-throwers for mice, snipers in helicopters to kill kangaroos and lets not mention the army and machine guns used during the "Emu Wars"- perhaps they ought to rethink their strategy because areas around Europe with feral cats and dogs tend to haveno major rat problems.

Baltimore and New Ypork could certainly benefit from following Chicago's lead and it saves killing hundreds of homeless cats each month.


<p>A cat looks out of its pen at the Humane Rescue Alliance shelter on 19 June, 2019 in Washington, DC</p> (AFP via Getty Images)

A cat looks out of its pen at the Humane Rescue Alliance shelter on 19 June, 2019 in Washington, DC

(AFP via Getty Images)

A charity in Chicago has released hundreds of feral cats into neighbourhoods around the city in an attempt to conquer the area’s historic rat problems.

The Tree House Humane’s society’s “Cats at Work” programme has released more than 1,000 furry felines into residential or commercial settings to hunt the pesky rodents, WGN9 first reported.

Working cats hunt pests for the small fee of food, water, shelter, and wellness from their sponsors and often become “beloved members of the family,” the humane society says.

The organisation explains the hunters are feral cats who can’t live in a home or shelter environment. “By placing them in Cats at Work colonies, we’re able to make sure they’re living their best lives.”

The project is a “green” humane solution that removes sterilized and vaccinated feral cats from hostile environments and avoids the use of rat poison and dangerous traps.

According to Tree House, such chemical and mechanical methods are “ineffective short-term solutions” that can be “dangerous to children, pets and the environment.”

“We’ve had a lot of our clients tell us that before they had cats, they would step outside their house and rats would actually run across their feet,” Sarah Liss of Tree House Humane Society told WGN.

The cats’ mere presence in the neighbourhood alone repels the rodents, Ms Liss explained, spurring them to leave the predators’ territory.

“They are actually deterring them with their pheromones,” she told the broadcaster. “That’s enough to keep the rats away.”

While the cats will hunt and catch rodents on occasion, they won’t usually eat them as long as they are fed in line with the programme’s guidelines.

Chicago has long been infamous for its hard to tackle rat infestations, with the city having been named the “rattiest city” for six years in a row.

In 1977, a $1 bounty was offered for rats in the city as part of a “war on rats” after a borough official estimated that the rat population in one constituency outnumbered its 85,000 human population,The New York Times reported.

Now, residents are seeing a further spike in suburban rat populations as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Forced closures of restaurants in urban areas cut off rodents’ food supplies and forced them to search further afield for sustenance, with many even resorting to cannibalism.

Sunday, 2 May 2021

A black bear killed and part-ate a woman in Colorado

 So, the bear AND cubs were killed "out of an abundance of caution" evidence that they had anythjing to do with the woman being eaten, nor that they had killed her.

Pity there were no wolves or coyotes in the area because then they could have had fun killing them "out of an abundance of caution" The article states that the bear killed the woman though that is unknown -she could have died of naturtal causes, been murdered and a carcass is a free meal to any carnivore. So fake statement.

WHY is it always the bodies supposed tpo protect and preserve wildlife that kills it for no reason and allows for more animals than permitted to be killed (wolves and bears) and just say "oh well, too late now"??

A black bear killed and part-ate a woman in Colorado - just the fourth fatal mauling since records began 60 years ago

black bear cubs
An image of a black bear with two cubs. Nicholas Hunter/Shutterstock
  • Colorado wildlife authorities hunted down and shot dead a bear and two cubs on Friday.

  • Earlier that day, a woman was found dead and part eaten near her home in Durango.

  • It is just the fourth fatal black bear attack in the state since 1960.

A black bear killed a Colorado woman on Friday in what is just the fourth fatal mauling since records began 60 years ago.

The 39-year-old woman, who has not been named, was found by her boyfriend on a trail near the home they shared in Durango, a town near the New Mexico border, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) wrote in a statement.

The boyfriend told deputies from the La Plata County Sheriff's office that he returned home at 8:30 p.m to no sign of his girlfriend but that their two dogs were outside the house, the CPW said.

The man proceeded to search for her on a well-trodden footpath they used for dog walking, the CPW said, whereupon he found her body at around 9:30 p.m.

The CPW service said in their statement that they found an "abundance of bear scat and hair at the scene" as well as "signs of consumption on the body" but that an autopsy of the victim was still pending.

Bears responsible for fatal attacks are often tracked down and killed.

Black Bear
A black bear pictured in Alaska, USA on August 22, 2013. Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images

The CPW said that a dog team was dispatched from the US Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services who searched the area and located a female black bear and her two offspring, who were quickly shot"out of an abundance of caution," officials said, reported the Guardian.

"Bear attacks are extremely rare," Cory Chick, southwest region manager at the CPW, said in the statement.

"This is a tragic event and a sad reminder that bears are wild and potentially dangerous. Out of an abundance of caution, the bears were removed for public safety."

While fatalities from black bear attacks in Colorado are extremely rare, they are not unheard of.

  • In July 1971, a bear killed a honeymooning couple near Grand Lake, Grand County, after it entered their tent.

  • In August 1993 a bear broke into a camper van near Cotopaxi and killed the occupant.

  • In August 2009 a black bear killed and ate parts of a 74-year-old woman at her home near Ouray, Ouray County.

The CPW publishes guidance for those in Colorado who live near its estimated 19,000 black bears.

"Black bears are curious, intelligent, and very resourceful; they will explore all possible food sources. If they find food near homes, camp​grounds, vehicles, or communities, they'll come back for more," they wrote.

To Save People Asking All The Same Questions


A Little out of date now but it saves me answering the same questions all the time!


Terry Hooper [A very brief] Biography


Born in Bristol,England,Terry became interested in nature and wildlife.  While attending Greenway Boys School, the interest in science and mysteries of nature increased resulting into several local investigations of natural phenomena.  At the same time, having accidentally picked up a copy of Brinsley le poer Trench [later Lord Clancarty] “The Flying Saucer Story”, Terry began studying UFO reports and local sightings.

Between 1977-to date, Terry has acted as a wildlife consultant to UK police forces on exotic animals living in the UK, being a noted naturalist and was dubbed “The Big Cat Detective” by press and media.  In 1974,Terry set up the Bristol UFO Investigation Team [BUFOIT],joined the British UFO Research Association [BUFORA],covering much of the West of England as an investigator and Regional Investigations Co-ordinator. 

Circa 1976,Terry joined the oldest UK UFO group, the British Flying Saucer Bureau [f.1952] and became an investigator, later Head of Research & Investigation and also editor of the UFO News Bulletin. 

In 1977,as an attempt to promote more scientific approach to UFO investigation, Terry set up UFO International [see Sachs, M., Encyclopaedia of UFOs].

Having established contact with Lord Clancarty and Air Vice Marshal Sir Victor Goddard [a former head of RAF Intelligence and outspoken UFO believer],in 1977 Terry, along with late colleague Franklyn A. Davin-Wilson, visited London for a meeting with Clancarty ,Goddard and others having submitted a document calling for a National Aerospace Commission [NaComm].  Hooper was asked to mount an unofficial investigation into all aspects of the UFO phenomenon –a limited fund for travelling and living expenses was agreed upon.

In January,1978,the Anomalous Observational Phenomena Bureau [AOP B] began its work building up a data base on every aspect of UFOs –historical cases, trace, physio and psychological, animal disturbance, EM cases and much more. 

Original members of the AOP B were:~

Graham F.N.Knewstub             [deceased]

Dave Cowdy                              [deceased]

Franklyn A.Davin-Wilson         [deceased]

Terry Hooper

Between 1978-1984 there was much unofficial assistance given to the Bureau by professional astronomers [some publicly sceptical],former members of the Armed Forces, Air Ministry, Ministry of Defence as well as serving members of the Armed Forces and Police Forces.  A network of UFO investigation & research groups was set up including GUFOI&RG [Gloucestershire],Wessex UFO I&R Group [Somerset],Wiltshire UFO I&R Team and so on.

Much of this cooperation continued well past the closing of the Bureau in 1995,though Governmental changes in policy since then have restricted any cooperation.

In 1984 a 2000 pages “British Report On Unidentified Flying Objects [UFOs]” was completed.  This was later reduced to 1500pp on editing.  Lord Clancarty, Sir Victor Goddard and others, including members of the House Of Lords UFO Study Group, stated that the Report was “…the closest thing the UK will ever have to a Project Blue Book”.

Although copies went to the Ministry of Defence and Sir Victor kindly passed copies on to former subordinates and ex-heads of RAF Intelligence, private UFO groups and Ufologists condemned the Report without even having seen the Summary offered.  The Report is currently being up-dated with more contemporary evidence being added.

Terry edited the in-house AOP Bulletin which it is hoped will re-appear in late 2006.

Apart from this work Terry has specialized, since 1974, on Close Encounters of the Third Kind/Entity cases and provided the data for BUFORA to contribute to Ted Bloecher’s HUM-CAT.  He has also written many articles on Ball Lightning, meteor-

ites, astronomy, CE-3Ks and Alien Entity cases as well as reporting on UFO incidents

[of which he has investigated approx. 2000 since 1974].

Terry re-opened the AOP Bureau on 1st January,2006 to continue the original work, aligned to no other groups or investigators.

Current study includes cases involving non-humanoid alien-entities associated with UFOs, video footage evidence and continued study of “spooklight” phenomena.

Back in the 1970s was also a consultant for the Kentucky UFO Investigators League, a member of the Society for the Investigation of The Unexplained [SITU],of which he operated a UK branch –investigating the Dead Aquatic Creatures of Canvey Island and other incidents. 

Terry also maintained links with Bigfoot/Sasquatch researchers  such as The Bay Area Group [BAG], Bigfoot Investigation Team, Dmitri Bayanov, etc..  Terry maintains files on lake and sea creatures, ghosts and most other unexplained or explained phenomena he has looked into –these include ghosts and hauntings.

Terry has written three books on unsolved/solved mysteries –Some Things Strange & Sinister (2009), Some More Things Strange & Sinister (2011), Pursuing The Strange And Weird (2012) as well as one book on Canids including UK mystery canids and the history of foxes –Red Paper: Canids (2012).  He is currently working on a new book –Phenomena X.



Wednesday, 28 April 2021

More Official UFO Photos On The Way?

 Knowing my luck it will be after the blog is abandoned, however, I have been told that there may be MORE "official UFO" photos about to be released.

We'll see