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Monday, 16 January 2012

Did Smeja Kill A Sasquatch?

 Listen to the way Smeja talks and theinflection in his speech.

 "On October 8, 2010, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Justin Smeja and his hunting buddy allegedly came upon an adult Sasquatch and two young ones. Smeja says that in the confusion that followed, he killed the adult and one of the juveniles. Here is his story."!

What I find scary is the fact that Smeja claims his friend repeatedly shouted not to shoot as it was a person in a suit.  "It wa'nt no bear".  A second, "little one" approaches and he shhots it in the neck.  So he's shot an adult and then a young Sasquatch. His shooting partner totally against the shooting.

Listen to the interview.  Smeja is either a liar and a hoaxer or, if this was the truth (I doubt it) then he needs to be assessed for mental competency and have his hunting/gun licence revoked because he is describing the behaviour of sociopath.  Someone told that he is about to shoot a guy in a costume and then admits he thought that himself but still fired and goes on to shoot another one should NOT carry a gun. There is no confusion and if there was any good hunter will tell you that you do not fire!

Personally, I'm labelling this a hoax.

See what Mike from the Bigfoot Museum has to say on this.  This man talks sense!

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