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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Phenomena X –Things Strange And Sinister -Sasquatch

They are the sub-humans of Central and Eastern Asia known as the “Almas.” The proto-pigmies of Asia, Africa and South America –the “Teh-Ima,” “ Duende,” “Orang-Pendek” and the “Agogue.”  They are also the neo giants of Indochina, Asia, North and South America such as the “Dzu-teh” of the Himalayas and Tibet.

You may be mystified but three Western names for some of these creatures will probably be more familiar to you: “Yeti”, “Sasquatch” and “Bigfoot.”

The old days of calling the sightings of these creatures a misidentification of a bear or a more familiar primate such as an orang-utan under poor lighting conditions are gone.  

Naturalists, anthropologists and biologists have been drawn into the study of these reports of what are collectively known as Hominids, and those researching them Hominologists.  For over 50 years scientists  in Russia have conducted expeditions and studied reports and physical evidence concerning the Almas.  In China the Yeren has been the subject of official investigations and expeditions by scientists.  In China there are written historical accounts along with illustrations of the Yeren going back thousands of years.

But there are also early records of sightings of these creatures and their activities going back to the early settlers and explorers of both North and South America –all centuries before any “popular mythology” on Bigfoot began.  In fact, some of those early explorers went so far as to dismiss what they saw with their own eyes and one was prepared to believe he had found mammoth footprints in snow rather than believe his native guides insistence that they were tracks of a huge hairy man.

It is not only the historical accounts that hominologists have to study.  Ancient native rock art in North America has revealed images of known animals but also tall, hairy hominids.

Then there are the footprints.  Over the years various people have come forward claiming that they faked Bigfoot tracks using carved wooden templates.  These are very easy to spot because the tracks they leave have no flexibility in them. 

Today, there are anthropologists specialising in anatomy who study genuine Bigfoot track casts. The later Grover Krantz pioneered this work and D. Jeffery Meldrum, Department of Biological Sciences, Idaho State University, has taken this further. Meldrum has, probably, the largest collection of Almas, Bigfoot, Yeti and Orang-Pendek casts in the world.  Meldrum has access to digital scanning equipment that picks up fine details in casts –some unseen with the naked eye.  Fakes and misidentifications are easily dismissed.  A study of casts shows not just how the alleged Bigfoot walks (completely different to a man) but even its weight and height –it is the science used in criminal cases to secure convictions.

And genuine hominid tracks have something else.  Dermal ridges.  Take a look at your hand and you’ll notice they are covered by large and small lines and you’ll find these are also on your feet –in the US and other countries babies have their footprints taken in hospitals to positively identify them if required.  Former police latent-finger-print examiner Jimmy Chilcutt has prints from every type of primate kept in captivity so has a unique record.  Chilcutt has examined Bigfoot cast dermal ridging and states that they are not like any of the primate prints he has –they are from an unknown animal.  It needs to be noted that Chilcutt is using the same methods that get convictions of criminals in court.

The famous Patterson-Gimlin footage of a Bigfoot (known as “Patty” today) taken in 1967 is often mimicked in hoaxes or jokes.  For years I joked about it and called it a fake. It was shaky footage and not great quality. But in forty years technology has moved on.  Not only have digital image scans been taken on the location of the incident but microscopic digital photographs have been taken of each frame of the footage to reveal detail no one could ever have guessed at in 1967.  The “costume” needed could not be produced in 1967 even by Hollywood and anatomical analysis has shown a man could not have fitted into any such item. The walk has been examined and using a very tall athlete covered in sensors in a lab.  There are a lot of hoaxers claiming they wore the ‘costume’. Not only could the athlete not duplicate the walk but after the tests were concluded the experts agreed that “Patty” did not walk like a human and neither did it walk like a gorilla. 

There is also another fact that could not have been faked.  While checking the cleaned up footage it was noted that something odd appeared on the creature’s upper right leg. It turned out to be a muscle that had obviously been damaged that kept popping up during walking.  Now just how did Patterson and Gimlin fake that.

It is the only piece of film evidence that has stood the test of time and been attacked by every critic going who discovers “this” or “that” in the footage.  They all get shot down in flames.  The Patterson-Gimlin footage could well be the most important piece of wildlife footage ever.

There are the tracks, the footage and reports from the area before and after this event. Try as I might I can no longer cry “hoax” on this one.

But what are these hominids?  The general concensus of opinion is that in some cases they are an unknown primate.  In the case of the Almas and Orang-Pendek it is thought that they may be relic populations of ancient Man still living, endangered, in the wildest places on Earth.

© 2012 T. Hooper

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