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Monday, 18 November 2013

Is the Erickson Bigfoot Project a Fraud? - The Truth Unlocked - SLP#29 w...

I have to say that I've read the Melba Ketchum paper and I do have certain reservations. I am NOT a geneticist but claims of a human-unknown hominid are basically a theory and used to explain the DNA testing results.  So, really, there needs to be much more work done. 

A whisper has it Dr Bryan Sykes labe may be getting involved.

When it comes to the Erickson Project, the head shot image released had me thinking "Is that Chewbacca from Star Wars?"  The other clips set my neck hair on end.

In 40 years I've seen all types of UFO and creature photos and footage and this just got me thinking hoax. I mentioned this to someone who sent me the below video link. 

I think Dr Ketchum is being sincere if misguided. But the Erickson Project....

Watch the video.

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