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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pursuing The Strange & Weird: A Naturalist's Viewpoint

Pursuing The Strange & Weird:A Naturalists Viewpoint

249 Pages
Black & White
29.5 x 21 cms
Profusely illustrated, maps, photographs

Price: £15.00

From Dead Aquatic (Humanoid) Creatures, the giant squid and yet undiscovered sea creatures; submarine and ships crews encountering true leviathans. This is a fully expanded section which also refers to the so-called ‘Ningen’ sightings and video footage.

Extinct animals at sea that have been re-discovered.

The subject of Sasquatch and other mystery Hominids around the world is dealt with including a look at the “Sasquatch-killer”, Justin Smeja. Dr. Bryan Sykes and his DNA test results for TVs The Bigfoot Files as well as the controversial Erickson Project and Dr. Melba Ketchum’s even more controversial Sasquatch DNA test results.

Also included are two early French UFO entity cases that still baffle.

Ghosts, strange creatures and the Star-Child hoax. All dealt with by the naturalist and pursuer of the strange and weird.

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