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Monday, 24 February 2014

Oh Dear.

About the tenth conversation I've heard this year re. Bigfoot and The Bigfoot Files. "My kids school was doing a project on mysteries and they were looking up info on Bigfoot and the yeti. Next day there was just UFO and ghost stuff on the wall.  Some parents pointed out Channel 4 had spent a huge amount on DNA proving Bigfoot and the yeti didn't exist."

I even heard kids playing and one said he used his Chewbacca action figure as a Bigfoot. The others laughed and one said loudly "They proved on TV they ain't real!"

I guess Chewbacca IS real, though?

On my Face Book I had people ask if I felt a little silly now science had proven these giant hominids did not exist?

I really must stop swearing on FB!

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