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Sunday, 26 October 2014

New Research

I am currently looking at writing a new book on strange phenomena.  This is where you folk out there can help.

If anyone out there has read my books on phenomena you will be aware that I have a very curious interest in "creature" reports.  Think "Dover Demon", Sasquatch -vaguely humanoid types.  Though, of course, any strange and weird creature will attract my attention!

What I'd like to ask is which case/incident or just plain creature would you think deserves a new investigation/research?

I ask the same question regarding ghosts, UFOs -you name it.

Obviously, I would like to hear from people closer to home in the UK for field investigations -Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset.  BUT if you've seen, photographed/filmed anything odd and especially if you have encountered the strange and weird -the unexplained- yourself then I would love to hear from you.

You can contact me, initially, via the Comments or by email at:

Thank You.

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