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Thursday, 13 November 2014

On UFOs, Sasquatch And Ghost Hunting fakery

There has always been a problem with any type of non-scientifically backed investigation into phenomena.  Today the internet is full of wholly inaccurate details of cases (such as the Barking Beast of Bath -of which I was the only investigator in the field at that time) or just plain downright lies -Bigfoot type creatures seen in the UK, huge fiction on the Beast of Gevaudan and "Girt Dog of Ennerdale" -using contemporary sources and even corresponding with academics has resulted in the actual facts (you really will need to read my books!) -now if Cryptozoologists "of note" have really done their work why didn't they reveal the truth because I knew it and put it on the record over 25-30 years ago?  I leave that answer up to you.  Book sells and lecture fees help (clue).

I am always astonished that 50 years after cases "experts in the case" (who were not even born at the time so did not investigate "at the time") come up with so many wildly varying descriptions and 'facts' that were never on any record before.

Okay, we know Roswell had no crashed flying saucer but it is a huge cash cow and a small town with an annual event that keeps it thriving...okay.  But just how many flying saucers and aliens were found there? Let's not joke about it.

Aurora UFO crash: the biggest faked nonsense by a newspaperman in 1897 to draw attention and people to a small town that had been ravaged by a disease that killed many at the time. See your town turn into a ghost town or keep it going on a little fib?  A tiny body in a grave that never existed (the joke grave did though some think it might have contained the body of a child who died at the time).  Not one single investigation has so far produced one solid fact or piece of physical evidence proving this case or the Roswell case.

The 1952 Braxton County Flatwoods UFO/'Monster' incident has always fascinated me and Ivan T. Sanderson investigated the report and thought it genuine and gathered all the details he could. Now we are told by "experts on the case" that it was some lizard-like creature floating about in some hover device and it's still being seen -might even be living in caves nearby.  this is beyond a joke -and alleged serious cryptozoologists/ufologists (they switch their title for whichever aspect the media is trying to push for sensationalism) go along with this. Ahh, that old bitch master money.

Kelly-Hopkinville is another fascinating case.  Even that most investigated of cases (by competent investigators at the time) is having new angles added to it.  All "reboots" to bring the events in line with modern media culture.

Yes, they bring in good tourist revenue....see the reality dawning here?

 So many faked UFO and alien videos as well as photo-shopped images out there now that, yes, I do check them out "in case" but they are obviously fakes.  Some by investigators -or people claiming to be investigators.

I have dealt with Sasquatch in my books as well as various unknown sea creatures.  I do not find it at all surprising that very well known faked images are still being touted as genuine and I no longer correct people because the amount of abuse is ridiculous -even when you supply the source of the hoaxers confessions!

Then we have ghosts. Paranormal Witness, Haunted, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures -the media fascination with them -especially in the US-  is, obviously, fuelled by pulling in viewers and you pull in viewers you pull in money.

In the UK Most Haunted was the focus of so many hoaxes and tricks by its presenters and crews -caught on camera- that eventually it admitted it was "just an entertainment show not factual" and this is stated in legal documents quoted by various sources so those who still cling to hoaxers being "brave investigators" ...let's not get rude about people.  But when audio of presenters declaring things are faked and video clips of the actually faking incidents are revealed and people still think the same....

Ghost Hunters I watched from series 1 and began noticing things.  Something happened and the main presenters -Jay and Grant- have the most badly acted reactions.  I dismissed this thought.  Audio of nothing -I know people who have used university equipment to amplify 'voices' said to be heard on the show and heard nothing.  Amazing how they see but do not capture anything...wait...surely not?  That is, surely, the whole trademark of Destination Truth?  Could the TV company be getting them to act out their reactions because they were not filmed initially?  Does it say "re-enaction"?

Then I see things.  Oh boy. Grant obviously faking things.  Was pressure put on him to come up with results by the production company so he did this?

No. Jay and Grant appear to be in with the fakery.  Grant leaves the show for various reasons -the credibility of the show slumped.  Grant no longer there -no faking.  Right.  Then for the 200th episode Grant returns and may return permanently.

Listen to this interview again and you'll see why the boys are probably happy for non-disclosure agreements on contracts.  It does show why TAPS members leave.

Then you have the utmost ridiculous thing ever that is said to "provide proof of a ghosts presence" -the flashlight trick.  This guy explains -and demonstrates- how it works.  I tried it before seeing this because it is that obviously...well, watch.

Now, what I did was "adjust" my flashlight.

"If there is here present a purple bogied throgglewort could you please turn the torch on to prove it?"


"please I just need to prove you are here so--"

Torch goes on!

"Okay, so, please, could you make the torch---"

Torch starts flickering.

"Thank you.  That's what I wanted.  Could you turn the torch of---"

Torch goes off before I finish.  So then I go switch it off -"thanking" the purple bogied throgglewort.  In fact, leaving the torch on and you will get really ticked off as it goes on.  Flickers. comes on then off until you really do get the point that it's not a purple bogied throgglewort.

Incidentally, Ghost Hunters is noted for the number of female "butt-shots"/"side boob" shots and even a few "crotch-shots" by camera crews -some of the women have spoken about this privately and on camera go to You Tube and search "Kris Williams and the "Crotch Shot"

Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters are faked.  Entertainment.  They might as well add the horror aspect of special effects and "domoned-up" actors as per Paranormal Witness.

My faith was slightly restored when I saw Ghost Adventures.  Initially three guys  Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin with three cameras and sound equipment.  Opportunity to fake -zero because each is filming the other and -initially- any voices or sounds they played back immediately on camera.

Watch this clip from  Ghost Adventures - Brick Thrown, Goldfield Hotel - GAC Documentary but watch the whole documentary because the analysis at the end answers any critics.  I still think this is one of the best videos I've seen to date.

  During 2009 Halloween special Ghost Adventures Live at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum a guest,
Robert Bess, inventor of the so-called Parabot Containment Chamber, faked an incident badly and the cameras caught it. The GA crew later denounced this as a "non-paranormal event".

This was the problem.  Three guys. Three cameras and camera outside the building so no hoaxers could pull a stunt. But then, guest -series 9 I was shocked to see Nick Groff suckered by the most fake 'psychic' routine and then there was the guy who "just happened" to turn up and say within earshot of the crew that he had "seen something" -so the crew interview him. Set up.  Series 10 and the "Zozo demon".  Quija board fakery by a guy obviously earning from "the Zozo phenomena" and his wife's act...and it was so obviously AN ACT.

Now I believe that the GA Crew really do believe they are dealing with the devil and demons.  Is this created by their own minds or is something using the concept of a devil to fool them?  Maybe a bit of both.  They seem to have fallen into the whole "fighting evil" thing.

I do not believe in Satan. The Fallen Angel. If you want to know why, it should be obvious, you need to check out a well researched documentary by Andy Hamilton, Search For Satan -

There are EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) the Crew capture and put their own slant on while I sit there shouting "NO -LISTEN AGAIN!" Several times I've sat bolt upright because of what is implied in the EVPs. For instance, in the old mining shack in the documentary they leave a digital recorder and play it back to hear what they think is a voice stating "This is Satan" but listen carefully and it is a voice, clearly questioning: "Is it satan?"  and on another show voices recorded include a female stating she can see "someone" at the far end of the corridor -the GA Crew.  there are others and I'll look at those in my next book BUT it is quite clear that the 'ghosts' are seeing 'ghosts' in the 1800s!

Now we come to the fact that TAPS -remember the "TAPS family of proven fakery"?- "called out" the GA Crew at Bobby Mackeys club without actually saying "Ghost Adventures".  This was either badly edited or the owners change the story slightly but the good thing is that the GA Crew have video recordings of the staff talking about events -so the GA Crew never made that up. I do think things got a bit out of hand but then if Crew members put the slant they do on events it will.

But for a long time there have been rumours that Ghost Hunters feel Ghost Adventures is infringing on "its turf" and there have been some nasty and snide attacks on the GA Crew.  I mention this because in August, 2014, Aaron 'spoke' exclusively about the show being faked and how bad the production company was. I heard and read this but what was odd was that Aaron was filming with the other GA Crew members -he supposedly outed Nick Groff over faking...lots more stuff.

His reply on his Twitter page was this:"Aaron Goodwin wrote:Omg that article u all r reading about me is bull crap. I'm shooting right now in Ireland on #GhostAdventures don't believe that article. If u follow me on #instigram #twitter or #Facebook u would now I'm out shooting in Ireland. I read this a while ago & ignored it but so many people r asking me about it now. There I'm done talking about it ps u guys rock for caring - Love u all"

What I found when checking with people was that there was a very strong but no physical link to this being a fact that this was instigated by Ghost Hunters.  Murky waters, people.  Murky waters and cash cows.

To me, series 9 and the introduction of so many "guests" and additional crew has made this Ghost Hunters Adventures.  Jay Wasley - Audio technician for the GAC and Billy Tolley Audio-Visual Tech, are essential in case of tech problems and useful back-up "in case" but there are just too many people and guests and I am very sorry to have to say -as many fans have already- that too many opens up the possibility of hoaxing and that the show was better and produced more credible results when it was just three men and three cameras.

As to host-hunting equipment I suggest you check out Screamfreak79s You Tube channel!

NOTHING beats the serious investigator and valuable field experience and I just wish TV would show that.  It might get boring but that is ghost hunting!

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