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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

WHERE Have All The Good Crypto Books Gone?

I do wonder whether it is just the constant arguing, name-calling and "little wars" going on between researchers and groups that has resulted in a near famine of new books on cryptozoology -I'll call it that since it covers sea and lake creatures, hominids and so on?

There are any number of "A-Z of Cryptozoology", "Dictionary of Cryptozoology" as well as  "Monsters of Cryptozoology" -all basically presenting the same rather boring, old information.  Where are all the original books on first hand original investigations?

Bigfoot/Sasquatch seems to consist, in books as on You Tube or TV documentaries, of works on why Roger Patterson faked his "Patty" footage -which I believe (having looked at the evidence) he did not. Or the same old Bigfoot cases re-hashed.  Conspiracies involving the US government and "cryptids" and what I can only call total and utter crap.

It's quite easy to publish a dozen-or-so books of your work if you are just re-hashing or copying. Or trying to turn true accounts and 'investigations' into action novels!

Where are all the researchers looking at sea creatures ("sea monsters") or "Lake monsters" and their books? Have these creatures finally become extinct and therefore no more books are needed?

And since when did book sources/sellers list fiction amongst the non-fiction books?  "That sounds interesting", I thought, before finding out the book was just a typical Syfy channel style plot book.  Weird creature encounters....actually a bunch of fantasy cryptozoological sex books.

All listed, mixed-up in amongst the Sasquatch and other cryptozoological books!

PLEASE if you want original research/investigation check my books out -bulky, well illustrated and fully referenced!

I thought I'd try to get copies of old books that were lost or "purloined" over the years.  Bernard Heuvelman books are priced at £150-400 ($3-800 US)?  WHAT??!

How on earth do we expect new, well educated researchers and investigators to enter the field if they need to spend so much on a book?  It really is unbelievable.

That book at the top of the post? It can cost you between $80-176 (US).  Ridiculous. I have a pdf of this and it is just NOT worth anywhere near that.

And there seem to be no "Names" amongst the authors.  By "Names" I mean writers you know are truthful and have put in the work and you know you can trust.  Ivan T. Sanderson, Heuvelman John Green, Grover Krantz -you saw their names on articles or books and you knew what you were going to get and that the work would count for something.

No more.

If anyone out there can recommend good, well researched books then please leave a comment -it's appreciated!

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