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Friday, 21 August 2015

Whoa! This Surprised Me!

I was reading through an email from veteran US investigator and researcher Stan Gordon.  He mentioned that he had seen my name a few times on sites referring to Cryptids.

I was stumped.  I couldn't remember contributing to any.

Anyway, this evening I was looking for something on the net and up popped my illustration of the Tivissa "octopoid" fact it and others are on several sites.  As are other things I have written. But I was unaware of these.  You see the illoes and reports were fully credited to me so, even if unlike in the old days when you might expect a quick "is it okay if I use this?", the bloggers still credited me but I wish they had drawn my attention to their sites.

In fact the site stats are trebled by views from other sites not registered by Blogger.

Now, if only these people would buy my books!!!

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