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Friday, 30 October 2015

No. No "Unknown" Posters and Ghost Adventures

 Above: "Trust me"  Like Hell!

It is a strict policy that if you make a comment, an argument, against something I have posted you USE your name. Silly pseudonyms are not allowed because (a) it allows spammers and flamers in and (b) WHY be anonymous?

You decide.

BUT to answer a point....I was a BIG supporter of Ghost Adventures and I always made that point in my postings.  So, "Unknown" -YOU do YOUR research.

Nick Groff going back to Bobby Mackey's after SWEARING to his wife never to go back because of the evil there that followed him home....and now he's going back for another show. Fakery.

Now, on EVERY "paranormal" programme we do not hear about ghosts just "towering black shadowmen", "demons", "Satan" popping up every couple minutes (busy guy for a being that NEVER existed in the Bible (no "fallen angel" or Devil mentioned) until much later versions were re-written.  666 -the mark of the Beast (Satan) That is NOT the alleged "number of the beast" -do research.

Insects and dust particles, spider webs DO NOT count as "manifestations of spirit energy".

You REALLY believe that gawd awful acting of Zak and Billy (that seasoned ghost hunter who now screams if he hears a noise) being possessed??  Really???

Their Halloween in Ireland special -a cat call...."a banshee".....Nick records a fox scream when he's in the tower.....its a tortured woman screaming.

EVERY single location has "evil", "Demons" or some feckin' "portal" or "doorway to hell" -if the Devil never existed then Hell (both created to keep Christian followers inline) certainly did not.

It's Trash TV to have on in the background.  From what it promised it has given us so many negatives -the Paranormal/haunting programmes already mentioned, but also "challenging" and hurling abuse at "spirits"....oh, and "demons".  And if I hear of one more recording of a "little girl" ghost or EVPs of said little girl saying "Mommy mommy" I will scream.  She's busier than Satan.

I can no longer trust the original Ghost Adventures documentary even -I cannot locate the physics professor who commented on the poltergeist video!

Three men alone...but with second film crew and staff....YOU want to stand up for them?  You go ahead but I am NOT going to champion fakery or those other TV shows ""This program is for entertainment purposes only" -do you ever read that big sign at the beginning?  Ghost Adventures ranks alongside Most Haunted in my opinion -a bit of time wasting TV.

I could go on and on but Ghost Adventures has finished as a subject for this blog.  You want to worship Bagans go ahead.  Believe what you want but do not ask me to drop my IQ level that low.


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