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Saturday, 28 November 2015

1930 Case -Help Needed.

I'm hoping that some of the Ufologists who pop by might be able to help.  Seriously, I'm not asking a lot!

This 1930 case is quoted over and over online and Rogerson's IntCat cites "MacGregor 1955, p.200" as the source but it does not give the source. It is not A. A. MacGregor’s Peat Fire Flame because I have a copy and that was published in 1937 and no such case exists within it.

Most are citing Jerome Clark's UFO Encyclopaedia (I'm guessing volume 1)  and since volume 1 and volume 2 are both selling for between £150-335 ($325-500+) and I don't have that kind of cash to throw around, I wondered whether one of you lovely folk had a copy and could check Clark's source for me?

The details are:
  1930 (approx date) - 2130 hrs

Alexander Irvine and a friend were walking in Smiddy Lane when they saw a white light like a meteor. This light brightened and in it a number of figures could be seen moving around. It was regarded locally as the prevision of a nun’s death.

Note (TH): book published 1937 so contemporary not modern take on event.  Awaiting copy of book.
  • MacGregor 1955 p200.
All help appreciated!

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