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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Many Shades Of Greys

 Above: "We use "screen images" to put you in various scenarios that you cannot tell from reality -now breed!"   Star Trek "The Cage"/"Menagerie"

I spent several hours on the computer today.  Apparently the only real result from searching for "UFO Close Encounters of the Third Kind"/"Real life UFO Close Encounters of the Third Kind" is the 1977 Spielberg movie.

And other than that you have that site which is either run by someone who seriously needs psychological help or really believes that spoons, bears, statues and far more are spotted in NASA Mars photos -finds them daily.

Or...flying humanoids...or as we call them balloons (some human shaped) or refuse sacks tied together.

This is as good as it gets today.  'Abductees'/'experiencers' run UK UFO groups that seem to do little but get hyper over photos of aircraft lights, the return of X-Files on TV or anything but serious investigation and research and tell you matter-of-factly that they get "several dozen new abduction reports per month".  That or you have people who think UFOs are all just in the mind or...rubbish really.  And they run UFO groups.

Just what happened?

Nobody sees a landed UFO from which entities emerge, look around, re-enter craft which then takes off any more.  A "screen image" according to Dr Jacobs since every UFO sightings is an abduction (I guess that includes when they see a UFO that is the misidentification of objects, too?).

Why does the media see Ufology as a joke?  I think I just answered that.

I'd hate to think that real sightings are being ignored by 'investigators'  or witnesses are being scared off because they don't want people screaming out "YOU'VE BEEN ABDUCTED!!"

To prove how consistent abductees descriptions of The Greys (no longer the head honchos according to Jacobs) here are artists approved renditions....I guess it's hard to get a good look while being anal-probed.

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