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Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Humanoids Lecture....

BUFORA journal and bulletin: 4 issues Vol 2 no. 5 (Summer 1968) to Vol 2 no. 8 (Spring 1969), a continuous run, Cleary-Baker, Dr J. (ed)

I was flipping through old BUFORA Journals and then I saw this item:

BFSB lecture programme
The British Flying Saucer Bureau are holding lecture meetings at the Friends Meeting
House, 300 Gloucester Road, Horfield, Bristol 7, at7.30 pm.
Wednesday 18'February 1976 (UFOs From Under The Earth, by Graham Knewstub.
(A survey of the geological and other difficulties).

Wednesday 17 March 1976 The Humanoids, by Terry Hooper.

Bufora members are pamicularly invited to attend and will be very Welcome.
Lionel Beer-December 1975

I actually joined BUFORA in Summer 1975 and just that is 41 years. Bloody hell I've been doing this way too long!!!

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