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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Two Technical Papers: Felids and UK Wolverines

I was just going through some files and found two papers I wrote based on 30 years of survey and report gathering/witness interviews.  These are separate to the work I did with the University of Wales Swansea on exotic cats.

The first is Felids: Wild Cats, Ferals and Hybrids which was published under the Exotic Animal Register (EAR) and Vale Wild Life Group name.  This one was published on the 23rd September, 2000 and went out to eleven bodies including museums, naturalists as well as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, EU Directorate of Environment and National Assembly Wales.

The UK National Wolverine Population Preliminary Notes was also and EAR paper and published on the 25th November, 2000.  This paper had a more restricted distribution.

Of course, I doubt I'll have thirty years to mount similar studies and certainly not 40 years as in the case of the Canid research.

With the large cat work we are talking 1977-2007 and to compile that into a paper, or rather a manuscript, would  take at least a year.  And as non-sensationalist wild life books do not sell I can't see myself devoting a year to a book that will not sell.  Who is interested in fully referenced facts these days?

As a matter of fact, these days, I like to get answers quickly because I am getting no younger!  That does not mean I don't fully investigate, though.

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