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Thursday, 17 December 2015

UFOs, ghosts and missing people: Is this the creepiest forest in the world?

There is nothing new here.  Weird stuff goes back a long ways but is any of it true?  How much is misperception, misidentification or pure fakery?

In 2000 a TV production company wanted to send myself and a team of team with cameras -infra red, night vision, regular- for a week.  What happened? Nothing.  And the explanation as to why nothing happened is..."odd" in itself.

Two of the bosses at the company told the producer that they had discussed it and decided not to fund the documentary.  Why? To paraphrase: "What if they go missing?  Something really bad happens to them..."  and I thought, hearing this, "Wow.  Their hearts are in the right place!" but then "...we'd lose a lot of equipment -that's about seventy-five grands worth!"


But I'm still up for it!

UFOs, ghosts and missing people: Is this the creepiest forest in the world?

Hoia Baciu is the 'Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania'
COULD this be the most supernatural place in the world?

The Hoia Baciu forest is known as the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania because of the sheer number of scary things that happen there.

The creepy Romanian forest is just over 700 acres in size, and has been plagued by a number of unsettling events.
In fact, it’s so terrifying that many Romanians are reportedly too frightened to go there at night.

The forest has disturbing origins: it’s supposedly named after a shepherd who mysteriously disappeared amongst the trees – along with his flock of 200 sheep.
Trees within are strangely curved, and there’s even a large clearing where no trees grow – yet no explanation for why this is the case.

According to one legend, the clearing is protected by the spirits of murdered peasants, who are guarding a gateway to other spiritual dimensions.
People that enter the forest say that this clearing is the hotspot for the otherworldly feelings you get in Hoia Baciu.
video Hoia Baciu: World's most haunted forest thumbnail
Hoia Baciu: World's most haunted forest
Some have linked it to the reported UFO spottings. A photo, supposedly taken in 1968 by biologist Alexandru Swift, shows a clear disc in the sky – and it looks to be of extra-terrestrial origin.

And other photos seem to show similar alien objects.

Those who enter the forest claim to have experienced feelings of uncontrollable anxiety, and there are also stories of people seeing paranormal lights and colours.

A Ghost Adventures documentary captured one such red light in the clearing, freaking the presenters out.
There are tales of disappearances too, including one story of a five-year-old girl who vanished, only to reappear five years later, unaged and with her clothes in perfect condition.

Whether true or not, it’s unquestionable that Hoia Baciu has developed a reputation for the eerie and supernatural. The only way to verify these tales is to go for yourself...

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