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Friday, 1 January 2016

First of the New Year!

The fact that 2015 gave me the opportunity to identify several "mystery" animals and solve some old cases is good. 

There is also the fact that I have corrected the "UFO record" so many times in just a month by going directly to the quoted sources -misquoted and not even checked by 'researchers'.

It proves once again why neither "cryptozoology" nor "ufology" can be considered a science.  Scientists from various disciplines have done and still do look into these subjects and that I can only commend because the true purpose of science and the scientist -amateur or professional- is to look at everything, study the evidence and then, if possible, reach a conclusion. The truth is not a very popular thing.

And the "skeptics" and their publications and organisations are not much better than those professing to belong to the false sciences. 

A strange craft is seen to land by four people who then see a tall, glowing eyed entity" -"obviously a meteorite and light reflecting from the eyes of an owl!"  or "Everyone is abduction crazy these days -its all psychological".  How do they know?  They read a couple articles by their chums or watched a ridiculous TV programme -all proving it's bunkum. 

"It can't be so it isn't" is not scientific or logical.  Firstly -who else is on record as reporting this very large meteorite (and it would have had to have been) that landed 50 feet away from witnesses?  No one but "it could not have been anything else"?  A very large meteorite did not hit Earth then -it merely streaked across the sky?  Did you check the "landing site"?  Why -it was only a meteorite? That is not science at all.  It discards every detail because you are an ass and say "science refutes this!"? Write "I'm a double-dumb-ass" 100 times. 

And the entity? "It looked tall because it was an owl sat in a tree branch!"  No trees.  "It was flying low" -and just hovered at the same spot for five minutes like owls do? 

Okay, but no one claimed any "alien abduction" so ---"It's all part of that hysteria.  You wait: hypnotist then the story will come.  Psychological!"

Hmm. "psychological" is what sums up the idiot makes wood cut-out after wood cut-out for TV shows to show how "flawed" the memory and eye is when it comes to distance and size assessment. Because only someone "not all there" would have each one of these tests disprove this 'fact' and stand there like a chump and say "See -I was right!"

"Everything is bunkum!" is not scientific.  Oh, you get your money from TV appearances, talks and books but more importantly you get to massage your ego by getting on TV.  Go away. You are a waste of time and your work is of no value because it does not scientifically assess evidence.

That said, the Phenomena folk are the same.

Not every scream in the woods is a sasquatch -it could be another "squatcher". 

Not every wood knock is a sasquatch -it could be another "squatcher".

A piece of masonry falling, a bit of plaster or other matter -not unusual in old or abandoned buildings.  It is not a sign of the paranormal.  Wood in building expands and contracts and you hear "thuds" and "bumps" that are quite loud.  Flooring and wood door and window frames expand and contract.  Wooden stairs are constantly readjusting -they undergo a lot of stress and foot traffic.  Creaks, knocks and so on are not signs of the paranormal.

Thanks to TV sensationalism and the people who thrive by feeding on this, every haunting is now an "evil demonic presence"/ "a dark entity" and kids no longer have imaginary friends -no, those are all demons. "Shadow figures" and dark masses -these only began years after the internet  was filled with (known) student pranks but, no, these jokes are all 'genuine'. 

Every single house in the United States (unless TV has lied to me!) has a "porthole"/"window" or "door" to Hell or some such.  Whatever happened to the "It was a little old lady who smiled then vanished" ghosts?  We KNOW who to blame.

Hoaxing and fakery are not "scientific documentation of the afterlife/paranormal".  Why are the Electronic Voice Phenomena recordings, video footage and all the "new inventions tuned to spirit energy" not handed over to scientists for that "scientific verification"?  I would not accept the word of a single person associated with these hoax programmes.

If you have a GENUINE piece of footage of a strange creature, a flying saucer or anything paranormal you get it evaluated by people not involved in the paranormal, cryptozoology or ufology -because 97% of them would be doubted if they said the sun rises each day.  You do not upload it straight to You Tube and title it "100% genuine footage of----"  And if you are not willing to give your real name do not expect to be treated as anything other than a hoaxer and do not offer bull-shit like "this could ruin my career" -there are serious and strict confidentiality rules with serious scientists.

So, let's just remember that around 98% of what is shown on TV is fake.  "The TV says---" well,in one show "It" is all genuine.  The next show "It" is all fake or misidentification".  TV people want you in their viewing figures because that increases commercial revenue.  They ain't there for science.

Remember that and if you see or hear something: investigate and if you are out of your depth then get in touch. And remember this and let it be your scientific mantra.....

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