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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

British Wildman Report

I have never -never- found people calling for "science to take notice" as uncooperative before. I still get asked for the odd advisory from police forces as well as other bodies and my reputation has been built on looking at the evidence impartially -both on wildlife matters and other areas.

Perfect for the British Wild-man group you might think?

But, no. "Could I please use your photograph in my published notes?"

"No. It's my photograph and you can't use it!"

You might wonder why images of snapped tree branches, alleged footprints and so on are not for anyone but the little UK wild-man membership?

Just what the hell is going on -I've given long enough for reports, material and photographs to be submitted for study but nothing. Not one single piece of cooperation.

My conclusions will be part of the next book I am working on and so far it doesn't look good -but until its finished I'm still open to GENUINE accounts.

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