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Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Flatwoods Monster Case - Ivan Sanderson's 1953 report - FREE MOVIE

Apologies that there are ads in this but it is an historical recording by Ivan T. Sanderson on his INVESTIGATION into the "Flatwoods" or Braxton County case.  Sanderson WENT THERE and spoke to the observers at the time. He did not base everything on newspaper accounts or hearsay.  this is the actual case not the fakery added to it since that time.


  1. Fascinating, truly fascinating. At the beginning(ish) I was thinking - gas leaks from mines - lights much like a 'will-o-the-wisp" - right. 'Burning Metal smell' - poisonous gases from underground burning coal... but SIX instances of unknown objects ? Where did they come from ? Point of Origin ?.... that must be some big big mothership up there in 1952. Cheers Terry, for taking my mind of things for a bit... though in all honesty - I think more than my foolish problems strange things falling to Earth is the more pressing problem .... 1952. Wow.

  2. Well, some MAY have been meteorites. As they found with the "Skandinavian Ghost Rockets" in 1947, someones watch is faster than someone elses -they saw IT for 1 minute but a witness at another location saw it a minute before therefore the object was in sight at least two minutes...not. Thing is that Sanderson, like the rest of us made mistakes BUT during WW 2 (and possibly after) he worked for British Intelligence. He'd travelled the world and met all sorts of people and could tell a "fibber". But he and his two friends went on hands and knees checking the ground, checking trees, taking samples -people into "flying saucers" back then never did that -which is why so much evidence was lost. His last comment of someone suggested..."They might be reptiles"!! :-)