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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Reseda House of Evil -More Laughs From Ghost Adventures

Oh man. I am so glad I had to sit down and find something to watch on You Tube today. Ghost Adventures Season 13 Episode 04 Reseda House of Evil had me laughing out loud several times. The premiss is, as always, four men and a TV crew turn up at a location where people are supposedly traumatised by "demons"/"dark forces"/"dark spirits" not to mention possession.

One man affected is clearly paranoid(?) schizophrenic (though a friend told his partner "he's possessed" as he behaved differently to her late brother who was schizophrenic.  Yeah, it doesn't work like that.  But cue the "psychic medium" and her claims. Then cue a talk with a "Dr Fate" or Dr Fecht.  Then we have the really bad acting and some times hard to keep straight faces, gobble-dee-gook 'scientific' instruments and, oh I almost forgot -the "Indian burial grounds" ("or place").

The "we have never faced anything like this before" end speech and....credits.

So what did they achieve apart from filling up 42 minutes of TV?  

Did they help the people living in the house?    No
Did they come up with any real evidence?         No

We had the usual "Class A EVPs!" That could have been anything and I never rule out fakery with these people because they've done it before. They can't even agree themselves what some voices say. In fact, this was just worth watching to waste 42 minutes...that or see how many times you can break wind in 42 minutes.

I am really glad they gave up the pretence of being 'serious' and went all out on giving us a few laughs. If the two guys in the house were genuine then the best thing anyone could have done was suggest seeking the help of a doctor or psychiatrist because Ghost Adventures are only there to exploit and leave.

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