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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Zack Bagan's Tries To Strangle Himself -I'd have strangled him for nothing!

There is a UK community radio station and it has a semi regular spot on "the paranormal". It asked whether I would watch the Ghost Adventures 2016 Halloween Route 666 and discuss it with them. I was bored and said "yes" -it was a favour to someone.

Firstly, "the Number of the Beast" is not 666 and just goes to show how bad research is on the programme and elsewhere these days.

So I sat and I watched. You know I wrote the post stating that it was good the GA and Bagans were no longer pretending it was all real?  This special contained some of the worst 'research', the worst acting....I'll be polite.  It was a sack of shit.  The highlight that had me with tears rolling down my cheeks from laughter was Bagans trying to strangle himself.  Seriously, not joking -funniest thing I've seen in a long while.

And Jay -"not versed in ghost hunting and the paranormal"- now turns out to have been study "zozo", demonology and ancient rituals for "years".  And that independent photographer who was an unbiased witness on a previous show?  Jay's wife.

They make this up as they go along.

So, how did I get on with the radio spot?  I didn't.  I told them "No. If you want my honest opinion on this ****** heap of **** you are going to need a major 'bleeping' machine!"

GA and Bagans are now banned topics on this blog.  Here -watch and decide for yourself.

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