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Saturday, 18 February 2017

So, Ghost Adventures and, uh, "Zozo"

 Bagans tries to think of another angle to make himself centre of attention.

I was very happy to learn that people -serious researchers- with decades of experience have joined in to show just how fake Ghost Adventures TV show is.  If you saw the "Zozo" demon episode and you have had any interest in the paranormal you would have asked "What's a 'Zozo' -where'd that come from??"

More people are referring to the "fake Zozo" episode which, being honest, had some truly dreadful acting. Without giving the person's name, here is what they wrote on Face Book:

"Happy #Saturn 's Day everybody! #Ouija Session coming today with Saturn, Cronos, and ZoZo.... just to put it to the test... Saturn or Demon? Which is a physical thing? Which is not? Which has historical references? Which does not? Which one was made up? I think we all know that one. So today I shall communicate with Saturn, in Capricorn, just as the Sigil suggests!! This is going to be amazing. Let's see if " ZoZo " comes through, highly doubtful! "

Don't get me wrong, if you watch Ghost Adventures for fun then why not?  But don't be fooled by the fakery -and GA have refused to answer any of my emails regarding certain events in their programme (politely put so not nasty) which says a lot.

Here's a sensible blog looking at that episode:

Groff: "Seriously I am NOT moving it -my fingers are"

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