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Monday, 21 August 2017

Grey Book And How It Got Its Name

I don't think I have shown these photos here before? Taken a few years ago now. I was once asked by, I think, John Hanson of the excellent UFO encyclopedia Haunted Skies, how the AOP Bureau's work got the title "Project Grey Book"?

Well, pretty mundane response really.  Anyone associated with the AOP B as an investigator was given a large grey note book so that case notes, ideas etc., could be recorded and referred to in later reports or if there was a query.  By 1980 there was only myself and Franklyn Davin~Wilson.  Following his death in 1983, I had to become the official sole investigator, though I had been acting as such since 1978.

Here is my Grey Book.

 A great many research theories, conversations with Ufologists and notes on investigations went into this.  The smaller pocket books were "confiscated" in 2006 but my main book I still have.
 above: work notes on Transient Lunar Phenomena and UFO waves.
below: notes on alleged abductions.
 Below: Theoretical work and planning for trace evidence
 Below: Black Triangle craft.  Occupied a year of investigation.
 Below: work on alleged symbols seen by abductees.  It was during this work that the British UFO Study Centre and its founder, Eric Morris came under scrutiny.  I had known Morris since 1976 and it came as a shock when, in the middle of the symbols study, he admitted the symbols he provided were faked by him ~as were abduction accounts he had submitted.

 Below: More theoretical work on the sudden appearance and disappearance of UFOs ~once called Mat and demat (Materialization and De~materialization).  I also looked at what I termed VanPoint or "Vanishing Point" noted in some UFO landing cases.

I still add to the old Grey Book.  Other than being nick~named "Quatermass" by some people I prefer the "Grey Bookers" and that made someone comment, jokingly (based on the USAF Project Blue Book), that we were "Project Grey Book"  and the name stuck early on.

There you go.

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