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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

There Can NEVER Be An Excuse To NOT Investigate A Case

Imagine this.  There are UFO 'researchers' who seriously ask "What do you mean by 1973 UFO wave?"

Seriously. Ufologists these days seem to get their education on the subject via You Tube and TV...and sensationalist and inaccurate books. It's almost as though nothing happened between 1947~1995.

So, what is ~or was~ seen as the best recorded and most significant UFO wave of sightings world wide Is to many just unknown. J. Bernard Delair of the old Contact UK produced a very detailed edition of The UFO Register summarizing what was known.

Now let's suppose that you read that issue of The UFO Register in 1974, or later, and from all the cases cited there are a few lines detailing an alleged UFO landing and entity being seen, but an entity the description of which is unique. We were always told look for rare seemingly genuine events where non humanoid entities are reported. There was such a case.

1974~1980 I wrote to the people who were supposed to have looked into this case.  No responses. So any and every new book dealing with that period or AE/CE3K cases is checked. Same lines. No new details. I have scoured thousands of these reports I have on file and checked many other sources. Nothing similar so the "craft" description and entity description are unique.

In 2015 I finally got in contact with someone at a major UFO organization in the USA.  Yes, they had the case on file and even provided me with the files.  No investigation had ever taken place. Why? Even Ted Bloecher (Google him) stated in the file that the case was deserving of investigation. The reason nothing was done?  No one could be bother "It might turn out to be a hoax" based on the fact that the description and notes made by someone at a radio station at the time just didn't "do it" for someone.

I checked everywhere I could on the internet once I got the percipient's name. No claims of a hoax or a joke.  Nothing. Just constant cut and paste of the same lines describing the incident.

However, the whole point of investigation is to disprove or prove a case. A joke? Fair enough. At least investigators learn something more. Genuine...well, I leave that up to you.

I am hoping that the organization I am in touch with will consider re~opening this as a cold case. It could be very significant.


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