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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A Spider The Size Of My Hand...And I have The Photo..

The garden spider outside my front door is getting bigger as there are so many tiny flies this year ~I counted 14 in its web one morning and two house flies ....which it took somewhere. Its webbing is tough as sewing cotton and I have to clear from across the front door (I leave it on the other side of the doorway) every day and, yes, I do apologize to her.

Big as my hand! Seriously, only about 1.5cms but I needed to focus the camera (HAH!!) and this shows an old trick you'll see in hunting and fishing photos to make the catch bigger. 
Spider to fore and my hand 15cms )6") behind it.
The fuzzy photo I left as you can see the 'face' on its body.

 This is why I need money because other than food a good camera comes in handy!

What the photo SHOULD show!

Araneus diadematus

Garden spiders vary in colour from pale yellowy-brown to very dark brown, but they all have a characteristic white cross-shaped group of spots on their abdomen. They are widespread and common throughout the UK, except in some areas of northern Scotland.
These spiders spin orb webs to catch their prey – flying insects. Orb webs are the most advanced spider webs, built by laying spirals of silk around radial threads. They sit in the centre of their web rushing out and wrapping any caught insect in sticky silk.


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