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Monday, 20 November 2017

A two-headed dolphin discovered on a beach in Turkey 2014 .

A stroller made an astonishing discovery while wandering on a beach in Turkey. Thus, near the city of Izmir (in the west of the country), he came face to face with a two-headed dolphin!

Tugrul Metin is a 39-year-old sports teacher. At the beginning of August 2014, he was walking on a beach when he saw, in the distance, a dolphin stranded on the sand.Intrigued, the man approached the animal, as he told the Turkish Times newspaper  :

"  I saw the dolphin in the sea and then, I saw it run aground on the beach.  "

It was only when he reached the height of the creature that he found that it had two heads! The teacher was rather shocked by this discovery. Quickly recovering his spirits, he warned the police who entrusted the corpse to a laboratory.

According to researchers who autopsied the dolphin, they found that he was about 12 months old and one meter long. In addition, on one of his two heads, the eyes had never been properly opened.

Professor Mehmet Gokoglu , who works in the Department of Marine Biology at Ak Deniz University, says this is an extremely exceptional discovery:

"  It's as rare as Siamese in humans.  "


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