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Monday, 27 November 2017

Strange & Mysterious Beasts and a BIG Thank You

Firstly, for those few of you who have recently purchased copies of my older and new book - THANK YOU.  It really does help and I hope they are enjoyable reads for you.

As for the new book, well, it is half-way completed.  I'm taking a look at "mystery beasts" from France as well as up-dating the old Beast of Gevaudan work.  I also look at the "British Bigfoot" reports and even the "werewolf" reports of the last few years.  The rest I'm keeping quiet on.  I can assure you, however, that the book will be fully illustrated and fully referenced and I hope it will help inspire others  to carry out their own investigations and studies.

As far as I can predict, the book will be published around March 2018 but it all depends how things go in the meantime.

The one mystery I cannot solve is why posts here get zero response or why no one ever comments. Perhaps some mysteries should remain unsolved!